Pirates with Son Ye Jin and Kim Nam Gil Hold Showcase and Release Action-packed Full Trailer

I don’t know about you but it’s been a disappointing Summer movie season for me so far. I don’t need my movies to make all that much sense but it ought to ignite the sense of fun and passion in me. It can be popcorn but it damn well better be tasty cracktastic popcorn. So far it’s been stale popcorn I’m eating because it’s there. Seeing the just released full trailer for the upcoming K-movie Pirates (also known as Joseon Pirates of the Caribbean but without zombies) makes me wish it would arrive sooner because it looks like a delightful hot mess. But the type that just works somehow, you know? The founding royal seal of the Joseon empire has been swallowed by a mythical whale (someone done stayed up late rereading Moby Dick) and various groups set sail on the high seas to be the first to retrieve it. Son Ye Jin sheds her ladylike onscreen image and slathers on the eyeliner to play the lady leader of a band of take-no-prisoners pirates which puts her crew up against Kim Nam Gil as the fearsome land bandit venturing out to sea to join in the chase. Kim Nam Gil dressed all in black with a sword and messy hair is the only type of Kim Nam Gil that works for me so this is a welcome return to the playful and physical aspect of his acting. I wasn’t a fan of Shark in either Son Ye Jin and Kim Nam Gil’s chemistry or the drama story, but from the previews the two leads already spark with each other so that looks promising. The supporting cast is chock full of acting veterans ranging from Kim Tae Woo, Oh Dal Soo, Ahn Nae Sang, Park Chul Min, Yu Hae Jin, and Lee Kyung Young added gravitas and range, along with youngsters Sulli of f(x) and relative newbie Lee Yi Kyung (who is currently all over TV playing the son of Madam Yoo in You’re All Surrounded as well as playing a rival singer in Trot Lovers). A great cast and a fun concept, what’s not to excitedly look forward to? Pirates sets sail this August. Continue reading

Posters and Movie Trailer with Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin Leading a Rollicking Band of Joseon-era Pirates

Now this looks like a great Summer popcorn flick! The first teaser trailer has dropped for the upcoming Korean movie Pirates, which of course garners the immediate association that it’s going to be a Korean version of Pirates of the … Continue reading