TW-dramas Adapts It Started with a Kiss Again with Newbies Dino Lee and Esther Wu

If asked to vote on it, I think it’s safe to bet that the outcome would be a landslide of 100 nays to 0 yays when it comes to Taiwan dramas making another adaptation of popular Japanese manga Itazura na Kiss (It Started with a Kiss). The 2005 TW-drama version It Started with a Kiss was an instant classic thanks to the perfect casting of tall, cold, genius Zhi Shu played by Joe Chang and his electric chemistry with dumber than a sack of potatoes never give up Xiang Qin played by Ariel Lin.

Ariel and Joe¬†made the characters charming and endearing, and in the process raised the level of idol dramas in Taiwan. The new 2016 version of It Started with a Kiss stars rising singer-actor Dino Lee (famously the second lead in hit movie Our Times) as the ice prince¬†and newbie Esther Wu as the bumbling girl with the forever crush, with Gong Yi Teng as the adoring second male lead and Riko Xi as the second female lead. I don’t dislike this cast but simple see no reason for a new Taiwan version of ISWAK, not to mention ItaKiss feels like the story that will never slink quietly into retirement. Continue reading