Oguri Shun Welcomes Baby with Yamada Yu as Nobunaga Concerto Drops More Goodies

Holy bazookas is this upcoming J-dorama looking better and better. With less than two weeks left before the premiere of the Fuji TV getsu9 (Monday at 9) Nobunaga Concerto, the production blew me away with the release of the fantastic drama posters. I haven’t seen a single drama poster this creative with great narrative foreshadowing all year. Why can’t K-dramas be like this? The drama poster shows lead Oguri Shun, playing two characters with one being the time-traveling modern high school student and the other famed General Oda Nobunaga, sitting in a subway car surrounded by Edo period historical figures played by Yamada Takayuki, Shibasaki Kou, and Mukai Osamu.

Outside the window are warring samurais fighting while inside the train car we see Nobunaga’s battle gear stored in the top compartment. Shun is rocking this youthful shit-eating grin that’s perfect for his character while both Takayuki and Osamu look very much like Edo era warriors in the way each is sitting on the seat. Kou is adorable and I’m assuming she’ll be whipping the high school substitute Oda Nobunaga into shape as his very competent wife. This drama looks equal parts fish-out-of-water hijinks and serious stuck in the past in the middle of a war angst. Love it!  Continue reading

First Look at Oguri Shun Leading Star-studded Cast for Time-travel J-dorama Nobunaga Concerto

Holy mamacitas what is this crazy star-studded cast of what is shaping up to be the biggest fall J-dorama around. Oguri Shun is headlining the upcoming Fuji TV 50th anniversary special dorama Nobunaga Concerto, a time-traveling story based on the … Continue reading