K-actor Byun Yo Han Offered Male Lead in Upcoming Mystery Thriller Drama Snow White Must Die

The career trajectory of Byun Yo Han confuses me because he has it all. Good looks and even more importantly acting talent, and he’s acknowledged for both with plenty of breakthrough roles in hit dramas like Misaeng, Six Flying Dragons, and Mr. Sunshine. And yet I don’t see his name in casting rumors bandied about and feel like either he’s just not getting the industry buzz or else he’s not got the powerful agency backing needing to get his name out there. But no fret, he’s been offered the male lead in upcoming investigative thriller drama Snow White Must Die adapted from the same name German novel. It’s about detectives investigating a mystery in a village and I’d rather not delve deeper into the source novel and be surprised. The drama is scheduled for 2022 but if the script is good then I hope he accepts.

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