K-actor Byun Yo Han Offered Male Lead in Upcoming Mystery Thriller Drama Snow White Must Die

The career trajectory of Byun Yo Han confuses me because he has it all. Good looks and even more importantly acting talent, and he’s acknowledged for both with plenty of breakthrough roles in hit dramas like Misaeng, Six Flying Dragons, and Mr. Sunshine. And yet I don’t see his name in casting rumors bandied about and feel like either he’s just not getting the industry buzz or else he’s not got the powerful agency backing needing to get his name out there. But no fret, he’s been offered the male lead in upcoming investigative thriller drama Snow White Must Die adapted from the same name German novel. It’s about detectives investigating a mystery in a village and I’d rather not delve deeper into the source novel and be surprised. The drama is scheduled for 2022 but if the script is good then I hope he accepts.


K-actor Byun Yo Han Offered Male Lead in Upcoming Mystery Thriller Drama Snow White Must Die — 13 Comments

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  2. Not related to this but recently there was an article about the massive wage gap between actors and actresses. It’s shocking that even B list or popular upcoming actors can demand 100 million won per episode while only S list actresses can demand 100 million or more per episode. Even Kim Hee Ae despite her massive success last year only gets 80-90 million won per episode apparently. The gender imbalance is seriously problematic.

    • Agreed, I can sort of guess where Koala gets her sources so I’m surprised that that article isn’t covered yet.

    • That’s crazy! I’m guessing JJH and SHK are the only ones who get that much because apparently SYJ gets paid much less than either of them despite being the more successful chungmroo actress! Then wait the wage gap for CLOY must have been big!

    • It’s very problematic because that means younger actresses must be getting even less than their male counterparts. For example Youth of May both LDH and GMS are similar rising young stars but based on this it would mean that he earns three times as much as she does despite their similar status. Young actresses must be getting paid peanuts. That’s just downright exploitative.

      • I believe at the younger level it might be less imbalanced because both sides get peanuts (eg Yoon Kyun Sang and Chae Soo Bin both got paid ₩2 million per ep for Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People, back in 2017).

        But the wage gap is ridiculous. There is NO reason for freaking Son Ye Jin to be paid only as much as some B list male actor when she’s at that level in both Chungmuro and dramas wtf (and a bigger draw than many men)

      • Is it though? There are rumors that Song Kang and Chae Eunwoo both earn between 80-100 million each episode and I seriously doubt any female their age not even Han Sohee is earning that much per episode. I seriously hope Kim Sohyun was paid properly for what she had to go through during River but would also not be surprised if it turns out Na Inwoo earned more than her per episode assuming he got the same salary as the previous male lead. Its bad that females even top level ones are that poorly valued in their economic system.

    • Not saying actors need to go public with their salaries but at the same time feel like it should be made public because it would spark an interesting debate about gender disparity. This debate needs to flare up in Korea because the gap keeps getting bigger and bigger.

  3. He was in multiple casting rumours actually. More recently there was speculation that he will be starring in a drama with IU (female centric), but that was squashed quickly.

    With Chungmuro actors like him, they don’t have the audience appeal of actors who broke out though small screen projects so it’s difficult to cast them.

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  5. Chungmuro actors are going more into dramas now, which is interesting. A lot of smart actors go into that field by doing both films/dramas to have more options, esp. w/ so much more competition/interest in K-content.

    For his case, seems like its his choice. His 1st ML drama flopped, & he turned down a ML for a big budget show. Seems picky w/ his choices. Notice a lot of actors in Byun’s friend group , are hipster/artsy, & they do smaller films/quirky. The only thing that pops in mind w/ him, is he dated Kim Go Eun in college or so, & the texts he accidentally leaked on SNS. He came across as an annoying/religious zealot which kinda turned me off of him.

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