Healer Screenwriter Song Ji Na Prepping K-pop Castaways on a Deserted Island Drama Gaia

This is super interesting drama development news, and is probably nearly as broad in production scope as Kim Eun Sook‘s upcoming disaster zone medical drama Descendants of the Sun. Healer screenwriter Song Ji Na is developing her next drama called Gaia (as in the Greek mother goddess of earth) inspired by the 1888 novel by French writer Jules Verne called Two Years Vacation. The novel is about a group of school boys stranded on a deserted island and how they band together to overcome adversity, which sounds very uplifting as long as we avoid thinking about William Golding’s 1954 dystopian take on the same scenario with Lord of the Flies. Song Ji Na’s Gaia will be set in a deserted island and cover all the things that happen when a plane crash lands there, inside carrying a fallen boy band member dealing with a plagiarism scandal, a girl group, an actor, a bodyguard, an entertainment reporter, and a flight attendant. The story will deal with how they survive in the wild, and through the adventure and adversity learn the meaning of love. Continue reading