Plane Crash Drama Gaia Turns into SM Vehicle with Chanyeol and Yuri Up for the Leads


I don’t want to write off a drama so early out but the sheer whiplash of how promising Gaia sounded to precipitous drop off the cliff makes it hard to remain optimistic. Initial reports surrounding the making of Gaia, a plane crashed on an island drama, was all about famed screenwriter Song Ji Na behind the pen. She’s the writer of Healer, Faith, What’s Up, Story of a Man, and many many more well known dramas in her over twenty plus years in the industry. There was even talk that Kang Ha Neul was lined up to be the leading man. All good so far.

Then last week everything fell apart, starting with news that Song Ji Na was not going to be writing the drama, and after that came news that Kang Na Neul was not going to be in it. Only for SM Entertainment diehard fans would the next news seem promising – Gaia has turned into an SM vehicle as EXO‘s Chanyeol is in talks to play the second male lead while SNSD‘s Yuri is the reported leading lady. We’ve all seen the epic disaster that was To the Beautiful You, right? Is memory over at SM really that short because that level of incompetence sticks with me. Only teeny tiny upside now is that the PD and new screenwriter for Gaia is the team behind Angry Mom. Continue reading