Joo Ji Mo and Han Ye Seul Attend Script Reading for SBS Drama The Big Issue and Start Filming

I thought SBS Wed-Thurs drama An Empress’s Dignity would prove to the outlier of the recent years big three network’s prime time drama slump but alas after a surprising start it’s since fallen in ratings after the writing reportedly got crazier and the network decided to milk it by extending by four episodes. That means we won’t see the next Wed-Thurs drama The Big Issue until March giving that production more time to get footage in the bank. Starring Joo Jin Mi and Han Ye Seul, I’m surprise these two haven’t worked together before because visually they seem such a complementary good looking set. The Big Issue is set in the world of tabloid journalism, with Joo Jin Mo as a reluctant paparazzi photographer and Han Ye Seul a no holds barred tabloid editor. Directing is the PD of God’s Gift: 14 Days with the screenwriter of Yongpal and The K2. Continue reading