Song Hye Kyo and Chen Qiao En Lead the Sprawling Cast for C-movie The Queens

There’s a new female-centric modern romance C-movie coming out called The Queens that is basically yet another girl power messy love relationships splashy offering. The Queens only came to my attention for the sprawling cast half of whom are actors and actresses I am automatically inclined to check out. Starring Song Hye Kyo (continuing her career foray in Chinese cinema), Joe Cheng, Chen Qiao En, Tony Yang, Vivian Wu, Shawn Dou, Annie Yi, and Qin Hao, the movie comes out November 7th and looks like some sort of makjang Sex and the City, or maybe an older seasoned version of Tiny Times.

It’s the directorial debut from Taiwanese entertainer Annie Yi, a former idol singer turned actress and writer who is now added director to her resume. It’s not that far-fetched considering C-actress Zhao Wei is now directing and even won awards for her directorial debut movie So Young. All the movie stills are glossy and pretty and the trailer is a tour de force of yelling, crying, preening, and making out. It’s fascinating in a train wreck way and makes me wonder why so many big names agreed to star in this hot mess. Who knows, it might actually be good and give everyone more than just eye candy to look at. Continue reading