Gong Yoo and Seo Hyun in Talks for Netflix Romance Drama Trunk and Finally Fulfilling Netizen Dream Pairing

I’m ready to pack my suitcase and travel to drama dream casting land now with the BIG news that Seo Hyun Jin and Gong Yoo may finally work together! And in a romance based drama called Trunk to boot! As long as it’s a real romance story and not a pull the rug out from under you type like The Interest of Love. The drama is a Netflix production and is based on the same name novel set around an agency that sets up people with their ideal spouses. Seo Hyun Jin is the director of said company but doesn’t believe in love and Gong Yoo plays a music director that believes all marriage is duplicitous. This drama sounds soooooo opposites attract similar to Love and Marriage that early era Kim Ji Hoon and Kim Min Hee rom-com with a divorce lawyer and a top matchmaker.

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