Song Kang is Intrigued by Capable Sunbae Park Min Young in New Preview for jTBC Romance Forecasting Love and Weather

This drama gives off exactly the same vibes as last year’s jTBC Romance Sunbae Please Don’t Put on That Lipstick (She Will Never Know) just with a different workplace setting and different OTP leads. Change out the cosmetics office space for the weather forecasting meteorological bureau in upcoming Forecasting Love and Weather (Office Romance Cruelty) and it’s the same chemistry of a younger whip smart handsome feller totally interesting in an older sunbae who is professionally capable and successful in the same job. Unfortunately for me the pairing of Won Jin Ah and Ro Woon looked great in the teasers but I’m not feeling the same optimism for Park Min Young and Song Kang. For me the fresh setting of these weather casting team seems more interesting then the same old same old K-drama romance set up but who know’s it could end up being totally lowkey charming.

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New Substantive Previews for jTBC Drama Weather People Shows Subdued Park Min Young and Spirited Song Kang Connecting with Each Other

So this is a much better preview for upcoming jTBC drama Weather People, I’ve also seen it called Forecasting Love and Weather which I like a whole lot better. The first previews were boring and weirdly anemic in showcasing any … Continue reading

Park Min Young and Song Kang Showcase Sweet Romantic Gestures in First Teaser Previews for jTBC Drama Weather People

First off, I hate this new English title for the jTBC drama Office Romance Cruelty. I didn’t like the Korean title either but Weather People is way worse, I’m half expecting the characters to have weather related superpowers or turn … Continue reading