Song Kang Looks Distractingly Like a College Intern Character in New Stills from jTBC Romance Forecasting Love and Weather

Once the leads are cast in dramas its out of my hands and I just pray it all works out. For age difference gapped leads I also hope the drama explains why their characters fall for each other (personality and situation) and also style them to look visually compatible. With upcoming jTBC drama Forecasting Love and Weather (Office Romance Cruelty), the stylist unfortunately made Song Kang look like an absolute fresh-faced college intern who is earnestly wanting to prove himself with his hair and visuals. If that was his character great but it’s not, he’s a coworker albeit a junior one to female lead Park Min Young who is styled to look more serious and subtle in her role. Their age gap is therefore distracting just on pictures and promos so far and in these new character stills of Song Kang I can’t help but wonder how much better if he was styled like his character in Nevertheless. There he played a playboy college kid but had the suave and swagger that he could pass for older and more seasoned in life. Here it’s like he has literally never left the hallowed halls of collegiate academia studying meteorological phenomenon.

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