New Substantive Previews for jTBC Drama Weather People Shows Subdued Park Min Young and Spirited Song Kang Connecting with Each Other

So this is a much better preview for upcoming jTBC drama Weather People, I’ve also seen it called Forecasting Love and Weather which I like a whole lot better. The first previews were boring and weirdly anemic in showcasing any chemistry between leads Park Min Young and Song Kang. The age gap showed less that she looks old(er) but more that he looks super duper young compared to her. The new previews are much better in showing substantive scenes and interactions in the drama and it helps to draw me back to the optimistic side that this pairing won’t be a fail. Park Min Young is playing more mature, subdued as an professional than her other drama character personalities which helps branch out the impression of her. Song Kang looks less young when he’s talking and moving so that also helps plus the new previews show the whole cast working in the meteorological bureau which adds to the freshness quotient since I’ve not seen any K-drama in this setting before.

Weather People previews:


New Substantive Previews for jTBC Drama Weather People Shows Subdued Park Min Young and Spirited Song Kang Connecting with Each Other — 18 Comments

    • I’ve watched most of PMY dramas since SS. I just have to say PMY needs to find a new stylist. The clothes here and even her hairstyle are the same from her previous dramas. Select one picture from her past dramas and put it together. It would be hard to identify which drama it was taken from. Weather forecaster can be fashionable too, you know..

  1. Still not feeling it. The hug scene looks like she got hugged by her younger brother as she had a bad day. First time for me that PMY has off chemistry with her male co-star. Its interesting that there is one one year difference between Seo Kang Joon and Song Kang yet I hardly felt the age gap in the first pairing and this was just GLARING to me. Will try 1-2 eps but its definitely not on my must watch list

  2. Of course he’s the genius and she’s cold…

    I like noonas romances, but it would be nice that they don’t always use the same tropes.

    Normal people are nice too.

  3. Some work. Some don’t. I rewatched WWW recently on netflix. Jky chem with im soo jung was actually decent. Him and song hye gyo chem was plain horrendous. Had to drop. Im kinda shocked PMY who is a well known chemistry queen sparked this bad with sk. Trailers are supposed to be the best bits of the drama too right?

    • In WWW, Jang Ki Yong and Im Soo Jung didn’t have any chemistry, they were boring to watch (I even dozed off during their scenes) On the contrary, Lee Da Hee and Lee Jae Wook chemistry was sizzling (13 years age gap)They were the best thing about this drama imo.

      Who would have thought that a Park Min Young/Seo Kang Joon’s combination would be this beautiful and heartfelt?
      That’s why, before judging, I will still give a chance to this drama…who knows, it might surprise us.

    • I found Jang Ki Young’s chemistry with Im Soo Jung was non-existant and his acting was dreadful in Search WWW. That guy just isn’t much of an actor.

  4. Giving Aunt and Nephew as usual. Now that Pmy is out of Namoo, she needs to stop with these romcoms and pick something substantial.

  5. Yoon Park is the second lead. Better hope Song Kang has miraculously improved otherwise he’ll be endangered of being out acted by the second lead big time. I couldn’t finish Her Private Life even though the chemistry between the leads were good. I’m willing to at least give this a try though.

  6. PMY is a decent actress and have good chemistry with most of her male lead but She needs to step it up.
    She looks the same in all her dramas. I can’t even differentiate her character in Sec Kim and Private Life and now the same look in this with another love story.

    I also agree with the noona romance. I don’t really mind when it’s done well…. Actress like Kim Hee Ae can really pull it off. This pairing with Song Kang doesn’t look right to me…..
    Actors like Song Kang, Jang Ki Yong, etc needs to pull the brake a bit and take some acting lesson. Stop relying on your look only.

    I’m also scared of upcoming SHK drama ‘The Glory’ . The age gap is huge and man.. SHK can’t act , she sucks so bad while the young male lead is a decent actor this time.

  7. I’ve liked alot of PMY dramas. I do think she gets offered a lot of rom/coms since Secretary did so well but people act like she’s never done a melo or a historical. She’s had a long career. Just like some actors are struggling to survive in dramaland finding decent shows to be in, I suspect the same is true of the actresses. I think PMY gets offered $$ for the rom/coms and that’s what either she and/or Namoo pushed her in. I’ll be interested to see what happens with her next few selections now that she’s leaving.

    It never gets old everyone always being so judgey judgey like they know what she’s turned down.

  8. What I like about Park Minyoung is that she can connect with every actor she was paired too, watched all her dramas, a versatile Actress indeed

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