Jung Kyung Ho Trades for Fame, Fortune, and Fine Hair in Poster and Stills for When the Devil Calls Your Name

Who here hasn’t picked instant gratification and then paid the price later on? We’re going to see that taken to the extreme in upcoming tvN drama When the Devil Calls Your Name as male lead Jung Kyung Ho makes a literal and figurative deal with the devil played by Park Sung Woong and then has to deal with paying the price for it. We see Jung Kyung Ho as a successful music writer with fame and fortune in his pocket but in exchange he’s given up his soul and we all know the time on earth pales to the eternal heavenly solace that awaits so this would be a bum deal if you ask me. In the poster and latest stills, I’m loving the devil may care (har har) look that Jung Kyung Ho sports, but of course the devil is always around the corner and in this case whispering sweet/deadly nothings in his ear as their reflection in the piano cover reveals their true selves. Nice! Continue reading