Jung Kyung Ho Accepts Faustian Bargain in tvN Drama When the Devil Calls Your Name

This actually sounds super interesting and fresh for a K-drama at least. Jung Kyung Ho has a nose for picking interesting projects and his next will be the tvN drama When the Devil Calls Your Name. He plays a supremely successful music composer who has accomplished it all by selling his soul to the literal devil ten years prior. His contract end is coming up so he character tries to bargain his way to an extension, talk about digging oneself deeper into a hole. He needs to find three other people’s other soul-selling contracts and give it to the devil and in the process he discovers that his wealth and success was by stealing the talent and life of a young woman. He tries to restore her life and in the process learns about the meaning of humanity. The drama is from the PD of Circle: Reunited Worlds and the screenwriter of Please Come Back Ahjusshi. I look forward to this one very much so drama gods please give him a great leading lady, throw us a devilish veteran as the devil, and also much thanks for this latest Jung Kyung Ho pictorial in Grazia that makes me wonder how he doesn’t age a whit in the last decade.


Jung Kyung Ho Accepts Faustian Bargain in tvN Drama When the Devil Calls Your Name — 12 Comments

  1. I first noticed him in One More Happy Ending with Jang Nara but then watched Missing Nine and he impressed me on his choice of dramas too. I will look forward to this.

    • First like his acting in So Ji Sub’s drama I’m Sorry I love You (MISA) as a second lead afte that I watched all his dramas and movies. He was a son of a famous director. His father don’t want him to be an actor but he wants too and continue to act until he became famous, He is underrated as an actor but for me he has this charm and talent that you want to watch him as soon as you start watching his drama.

    • Have you watched heartless city? Hes amazing in that and falling for innocence is a brill drama. This actor is 1 of the best in Kdramaland

  2. I can tell this is going to be hilarious and heart strings tugging and jung kyung ho is great at both. i enjoyed PCBA alot so i think i can trust this production is gonna be great

  3. I’m super excited for JKH’s return to dramaland. I became an instant fan after LoM and backtracked nearly all his projects πŸ™‚

  4. Isnt he 83er ? He’s still 35 koala, what do you mean with “he doesnt age” lol I think he look his age and thats great.
    I love his acting. Cant wait for this drama. Even when the premise slightly remind me Supernatural and it crossroad devil lol

  5. I know him since his drama Cruel City which I LOVE and then watched Smile, You which I adored.

    Life on Mars was so good, same goes for Prison Playbook.

    I’m just happy his talent is acknowledged and receives further offers. I feel like 2018 and 2019 are his years. πŸ˜€

  6. Favourite was Falling for Innocence and I think this genre will work well for his style of acting because he’s very versatile. I hope he has a great leading lady though not worried who it is.

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