Steamy Bed Scene Footage Leaks From Upcoming C-drama Nothing But You and Prompts Legal Warning From Wu Lei’s Camp

It’s been boiling hot where I live for the past few days, kinda ruined a long weekend with me electing to cancel going out stuff and marinate at home in the AC. But it was still too hot to enjoy prime drama marathoning so I still have plenty to catch up on, but who knew I would already be fanning myself in excitement over an upcoming modern C-drama. Modern stuff I prefer K-dramas but just as I wrote about Zhou Yu Tong and Wu Lei doing the older woman-younger man romance in upcoming C-drama Nothing But You then I learned there was already a leak from the footage and it’s making fans want more and the production team threaten legal action for the leak haha. Don’t protest too much, this leak is exactly the viral marketing that gets more publicity. Anyhoo, the leak is a Boat Scene with the two leads making out, or more accurately he’s doing all the work and she’s taking it all in and why wouldn’t she.

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