Popular C-stars Deliver on Glamour Yet Again at the 2023 Tencent Video All Star Awards

This week Tencent held its own 2023 Tencent Video All Star Awards to celebrate the actors and actresses who did a Tencent project this year. It’s like the network drama years in South Korea so all attendees are there basically known he/she will get an award. And there were a lot of awards with very creative names so recipients could feel feted. Some big things from the evening: most actresses had multiple dress changes for example Yang Zi pulled off three, Tian Xi Wei is using the event to hard launch her image change from sweet to spicy and her sexier attire matched it, Wang Yibo‘s entire look was like surly poet turned hobo dressed by Chanel and was unintentionally hilarious, Dylan Wang is still going for the blond look but this time no dreads thank god, and Zhao Lu Si‘s dress was the most elaborately designed and I thought looked better in pictorial shots than live on the red carpet.

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C-drama Nothing But You with Wu Lei and Zhou Yu Tong Releases New Stills Leaning Hard into the Sexy Making Out Aspect of the Romance

I remember when these images first leaked last year from the filming of modern sports romance C-drama Nothing But You that everyone myself included was like ooooooh sexy! It still is sexy but in the context of the drama after … Continue reading

C-drama Nothing But Love with Wu Lei and Zhou Yu Tong Gets Airing Approval with 2 Episode Reduction and Expected to Drop Next Month in February 2023

The C-drama train is off to a new year 2023 and one of the dramas I followed last year during filming has just gotten closer to airing. Modern sports romance Nothing But You has just gotten its airing permit but … Continue reading

New Poster and Variety Show Appearance of C-drama Nothing But You Leads Wu Lei and Zhou Yu Tong Hints at Soon-ish Airing Date

So I’ve jumped over in my interest for the next Wu Lei drama from his upcoming sports modern romance with the older woman-younger man set up Nothing But You to his currently filming billiards romance During the Snowstorm. The latter … Continue reading

Wu Lei and Zhou Yu Tong Preview their Chemistry and Visuals in Bazaar Pictorial Promoting C-drama Nothing But You

The promos are starting early for this upcoming C-drama, which I don’t see airing until next year 2023 and hopefully there is nothing objectionable about the subject matter to get into the crosshairs of SARFT. Nothing But You finished filming … Continue reading

Zhou Yu Tong and Wu Lei Narrate Their Attraction to Each Other Despite the Decade Age Gap in First Teaser for Modern Romance Nothing But You

The first teaser is out for C-drama Nothing But You (Chinese title Love Only) with Wu Lei and Zhou Yu Tong and it’s giving off really cool vibes. The teaser has the two leads discussing the type of person they … Continue reading

Wu Lei and Zhou Yu Tong Do the Older Woman-Younger Man Romance for 2023 Modern C-drama Nothing But You

On the list of upcoming potentially disapproved/discouraged C-drama filming requirements does not mention the older woman-younger man (noona-dongsaeng) romance that is popular across many Asian countries drama tropes. Reportedly there are a few in the works currently filming or soon … Continue reading