C-drama The Demon Hunter’s Romance Starts Filming with Leads Allen Ren and Song Zu Er for 2023 Second Half Airing

The pictures above are not the costume looks for the two leads in the drama, it’s just to show their looks when put together from previous historical dramas. Allen Ren and Song Zu Er are filming in Hendian starting this week for their 2023 fantasy drama The Demon Hunter’s Romance, Chinese title 無憂渡 which translates to A Worry Free Passage or a Worry Free Ferry. Allen plays a mysterious demon hunter who is actually a black leopard demon himself and his romance with a human girl who has a demon heart inside of her. The story is billed as supernatural, horror, romance, and action and is adapted from a novel. I have never seen Song Zu Er in a drama but she got big thanks to Novoland: Eagle Flag and sibling drama The Bond so I’m curious to see if Allen will continue his streak of always having chemistry with any female lead lol.

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