Currently Filming C-drama Love in Nirvana with Allen Ren and Li Landi Release Warm and Engaging Posters Celebrating Lunar New Year 2024

So tonight for many is lunar new year eve of 2024 which means the year of the dragon is here. It’s time for familiar gathering and the return to hometowns, but for the entertainment world it’s an occasion for some celebratory releases. There will be new dramas and movies premiering during this period, and of course new promos. Currently filming period C-drama Love in Nirvana (Chinese title Forever Flowing Waters) adapted from the same name novel stars Allen Ren and Li Lan Di in a fresh pairing and also looks quite lovely TBH. The drama released new posters to celebrate the lunar new year in lovely warm red hues. I wasn’t expecting much from this drama but now am intrigued.

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C-ent Upcoming Dramas Drop Romantic New Posters Celebrating 2023 Chinese Valentine’s Day on Lunar 7/7 Date

Today on August 22nd is also lunar date July 7th which means Chinese Valentine’s Day, which remains a celebrated date but so does Western Valentine’s Day on February 14th so it’s like getting two V-days heh. Many of the upcoming … Continue reading

Tencent Randomly Announces Writer and Psychologist Modern Romance Twilight with Allen Ren and Angelababy Release Same Day as Drama Drops

This drama is not to be confused with the Hollywood movie series Twilight but the release seems as random as that whole story haha. Tencent on June 29th announced the release of modern romance drama Twilight on the very day … Continue reading

C-drama Wu Geng Ji with Allen Ren and Xing Fei Release Boring as Heck Teaser Posters Showing Cadre of Veteran Stars in Cameo Roles

Man, I hope Allen Ren (Ren Jia Lun) doesn’t follow up a turd with another turd. I surprisingly enjoyed The Blue Whisper hence got all excited for Thousand Years for You which felt like Thousand Years of Dull when it … Continue reading

Allen Ren Confirmed for High Profile Fantasy C-drama Wu Geng Ji But Production Embroiled in Controversy After Li Yi Tong Drops Out Alleging Online Bullying and Lack of Support

So the positive news first – high profile live-action fantasy C-drama Wu Geng Ji, adapted from the hit anime of the same name, has its confirmed male lead in Allen Ren (Ren Jia Lun). He’s been rumored alongside Li Yi … Continue reading

Fantasy C-drama The Demon Hunter’s Romance with Allen Ren and Song Zu Er Wraps Filming and Releases Intriguing BTS Filming Video

Alrighty, a ton of currently filming C-dramas wrapped filming over the weekend so it’s time for goodies. The first is the fantasy supernatural drama The Demon Hunter’s Romance (Chinese title 無憂渡 which means Worry Free Ferry or to transport someone … Continue reading

C-drama Thousand Years for You Wraps Run with 6.3 Ratings on Douban and Complaints About Ending and In-fighting Between Fandom of Leads Allen Ren and Li Qin

The real life shenanigans around this C-drama is better than anything seen on the reel screen, the drama is just THAT BAD. Fantasy period romance Thousand Years for You is a dog of first order, so bad from beginning to … Continue reading

C-drama Thousand Years for You Falls Flat with Allen Ren as a Dull Male Lead and Li Qin Abrasive as the Annoying Female Lead

Man, I wanted to love this drama so bad, partly from the still lingering good will towards Allen Ren (Ren Jia Lun) for The Blue Whisper and also because I’m still on a C-drama binge. Thousand Years for You had … Continue reading

iQiyi Abruptly Announces Premiere of Republican Era Romance drama Thousand Years for You with Allen Ren and Li Qin Today on September 15th

Sudden drama drop alert! Chinese streaming platform iQiyi announced the day of that Republican era C-drama Thousand Years for You (Please, My Lord) will be released today on September 15th. Starring Allen Ren (Ren Jia Lun) and Li Qin spanning … Continue reading