Official Poster Showcases Epic Collection of K-drama Stars from Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, Itaewon Class, and The Sound of Magic Together for Variety Show Youth MT

I feel like the PD must’ve pulled lots of strings and probably had so much goodwill from stars who worked with him before that he could assemble this variety cast dream team for upcoming TVing show Youth MT. The first poster is out and shows all three drama casts from Moonlight Drawn by Clouds with leads Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung next to each other on the front row, then behind is the cast of Itaewon Class with Park Seo Joon on the right but Kim Da Mi couldn’t do the show, and in the third row is the cast of The Sound of Magic with Ji Chang Wook and Hwang In Yeop as bookends. The show will have all three drama casts playing games and competing with each other.

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Stars of Three Popular Dramas Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, Itaewon Class, and The Sound of Magic Reunite for New TVing Variety Show Youth MI

OMG this is a wild collection of K-stars for a variety show, either the PD has made reach or TVing is pouring money into this endeavor. A new variety show will be streaming on TVing in September called Youth MT … Continue reading