Joo Jin Mo and Ruby Lin Tapped as Leads for Upcoming Qiong Yao Drama

I really can’t figure out China’s fascination with Qiong Yao. I think Taiwan has finally said sayonara to her, but the C-media still loves to revere her as some goddess of romance dramas. I loved her stuff from the 80s and early 90s, because that sort of family makjang fare was great family watching experience and good for tons of laughs and groans. I actually give her more credit for launching the careers of some famous actors and actresses over the last four decades than her actually writing a good novel (aside from Outside the Window, one of her earliest works which launched the career of sixteen year old Bridgette Lin in the movie adaptation). The C-media has been at a fever pitch the past few weeks when news leaked that Qiong Yao was secretly auditioning for the leads for her next drama 花非花雾非雾 (literal translation Flower is Not Flower, Fog is Not Fog). I almost chewed my tongue off hearing such outlandish rumors as the leads being Feng Shao Feng, Yang Mi, and Hawick Lau in a love triangle. HAHAHA! Thankfully the real casting is odd but not nearly as ridiculous. Returning to the producer who discovered her and launched her career, Ruby Lin will be the lead starring opposite Joo Jin Mo. Let the Korean exodus continue! Continue reading