Wallace Chung, Jiang Shu Ying, and Aaron Yan Headline Modern C-drama on First Loves Reuniting


Wallace Chung continues to be a supremely sought after and busy C-drama male lead, and this month he wraps one period C-drama in General and I while continuing to film a modern one tentatively called Flower Accompanying You the Entire Way. It’s adapted from a C-novel, as expected, and pairs Wallace with C-actress Jiang Shu Ying, with the second leads being Aaron Yan and Li Sheng. The story sounds like a twist on Wallace’s popular C-drama My Sunshine (You Are My Sunshine), with college era lovers who break up only to find their way back to each other ten years later. I’m sure the details are all different but Wallace is certainly the perfect pick to play male lead Lu Fei with his relentless love for his ex-girlfriend female lead, which would be pretty funny if he has this male drama archetype cornered by now. Continue reading