Basic House Korea Releases Photos of Moon Geun Young and Won Bin

It’s nice to know I have some objectivity left. With all the swooning I’ve been doing lately, I thought maybe my brain was permanently locked into spazzing mode. Fret not, I can still say it like I think it. And I think that the spokescouple of Won Bin and Moon Geun Young for Basic House is not working for me. At all. Individually they looked great, but side-by-side they look like a sexy ahjusshi out with his teenage niece.

The Won Bin-Moon Geun Young photos for Basic House 2011 are for its Korea collection. The ones of just Moon Geun Young (with her longer hair) that I posted last week were for Basic House China collection. Moon Geun Young actually posed for the Chinese catalogue during the filming of M3 late last year, whereas these pictures with Won Bin were taken just this month after she wrapped M3.

I think the problem is that they are not connecting with each other in their couple shots – there is a metaphorical distance between them that probably stems from their age difference and professional demeanor during the photo shoot. I thought Jang Geun Seok and Kim Ok Bin actually did all right in their Codes Combine photo shoot, though it was hardly the type of coupling that would make me stare agape for hours on end.

Speaking of Won Bin (man keeps getting handsomer and handsomer) – now that word is spreading that Jang Dong Gun (the godfather of K-actors) will likely be making his drama return at the end of the year with Peninsula, co-starring Ha Ji Won and Hero Jejoong – Won Bin needs to get off his movie-horse and get back to the small screen. If Love Song is still a possibility, it would be ideal. I think the pairing of Yoon Eun Hye and Won Bin in a pure romantic drama would fry my brain.


Basic House Korea Releases Photos of Moon Geun Young and Won Bin — 27 Comments

  1. I think it would have been better to pair Yoo Eun Hye with Won Bin, and Moon Geun young with Kim hyun Joong, for a fresher look…….. I’m getting the same feeling with these photos than with the Kim-Yoon ones, they are pretty together but I don’t feel the chemistry, its just to samchun and niece feeling… And the Noona feeling of the other one, just doesn’t cut it…… Maybe Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang-bo, thats the right Noona feeling … Or Kim hyun Joong and Min-min!! I bet that one would be a hit, they are just SO cute together

    • Agree, KHJ with YEH looks more in deep chem, or KHJ with Min-Min, and for new fresh look can be pared KHJ with MGY….sorry to say…KHJ looks so fit perfect for BASIC.

  2. “Individually they looked great, but side-by-side they look like a sexy ahjusshi out with his teenage niece.”
    agree, and i’m very objetive in this… they have no chemistry, though they both look well (and seriously, this is not because i can only see her with jgs) but if you imagine what the photos will be with geun-geun couple then the result will be: zitalei’s work (only better cause one thing is combining wonderful individual pics and a another thing is the chemistry they exude when they are together)

  3. Peninsula? What what what? Please do tell.

    Re: photoshoot. Won Bin is a lot more my thing than MGY but yes, little chemistry there. I don’t think it’s necessarily the age difference (I’ve enjoyed plenty of things with much larger age difference and in Cinderella Unni MGY had cracking chemistry with CJM who is only a few years younger than Won Bin), but the vibe is not there at all. It looks like they were badly photoshopped together.

  4. How is it that the advertisers do no see the wonder that is MGY and JGS? They look so together, matching and in sync just meshing their independent, separate photos. The same photoshoot or cf of our GeunGeuns would see sparks fly and rainbow bright.

    I want a valentine’s day cf featuring our GeunGeuns! Repeating the demand enough times may miraculously grow the opportunity for them to work together?!

    • Dear Staying up late
      If am not wrong, there is something called ratings… you know.. which we Geun2 shippers do not care the slightest bit about.. Believe, that is really costly to both of them…

  5. That possibility wouldn’t fry your brain only. Mine would be a goner in a matter of minutes after seeing them on screen together. o/ Well, if Won Bin were back on the small screen if he was there alone and reading, oh I don’t know, an address book, I think I’d still be spell bound, but that’s my bias talking. *cough*

    You’re right, they have little chemistry in these shots. I don’t know why that happened. I still think that if they were to star in a movie or drama together, they could be good. Or maybe I’m just delusional and live in my own lalala land?

    • If we have to pry her away from JKS (I supplied the super-glue), I would like to see her with Yoo Ah In or Lee Min Ho. They are both pretty enough for her and good enough actors.

      • Heh, I was talking about YEH + Won Bin in the first paragraph.

        I’m fairly sure at some point one of these pairings will happen. You guys have mentioned all my noona crushes, omo!!!

  6. Yes the chemistry is little.maybe our MGY thinking bout JKS and still think WB her oppa so she hesitate bit.
    yeah I would like to see WB in drama…but somehow I want him with MGY,hehe want to give them a chance beside I’m MGY hardcore fans so I will only she the most beautiful and great one.

    • Dear Erika
      Your dream may come true, AIMH sequel or somewhere along those lines.. I see her as not only beautiful but a nice neat little overall package…

      • nahh I wont go for that drama sequel but I go with new romance drama…I want MB be in crack far I see him more like gentlement,romantic man..not that I’m complain but I want to see him trying to be funny…we have seen SSH doing that, why don’t we see WB in that too..oh I wish this dream come true.

  7. Hahaha, they do have that uncle-niece vibe going on. Such a shame, ’cause they’d make a fabulous couple if they had actual chemistry. 🙁

    I hope all the big stars go back to dramas. Maybe they’ll drag KDW with them. *dreams* DX

  8. If only they had them pose more lively like MGY’s chinese shoot for basic I think they might look better. They look lovely here but they also look emo/serious and a bit cardboardish which isn’t helping in the chemistry department.

  9. Like you said, they look great individually and even side by side , but they lack chemistry: it’s like they’re just standing here ignoring each other, at some point I even thought they were photoshopped next to each other lol… That’s such a shame cause they’re beautiful!

  10. Maybe they could ignite better chemistry if the clothes were actually worth looking at. The clothes are so bleh!! On a completely random note, MGY has the same haircut as me.

  11. Wow. Zero-est chemistry ever. Lifeless. They shouldn’t have replaced yoon eun hye.
    Don’t get me wrong, i think MGY is gorgeous. t’s just not working for me.

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