Never Aging Won Bin Returns to Spotlight in New CF Pictorial as K-netizens Continue to Wish for His Acting Return

Any post about K-star Won Bin inevitably feels like deja vu, the same sentiments about how handsome he was/is and how he hasn’t acted in any project in so long. The only difference is how long, and it’s now been 11 years since the 2010 movie The Man From Nowhere (Ahjusshi) that was his last movie which was of course award winning and a box office it. He may not do many acting roles but he picks well is no small feat. In the intervening years there has been plenty of good drama and movie roles and I can’t imagine he’s not offered the cream of the crop, that he doesn’t choose to do it is merely our loss. I like to think he’s living the best life on his own terms lol. He’s back in the CF limelight this week with a new Ildong supplements ad and this is one of those perfect visuals with the hair and face and physique. Forever swoon.

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K-netizens Swoon Over College Graduation Pictures of Popular Korean Actors Including Song Joong Ki, Won Bin, Kim Sun Ho Among Others

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K-stars Release Denials of Being Members of Shincheonji Church at the Center of South Korea’s Coronavirus Outbreak

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School-aged Pictures of Popular Hallyu K-actors Show the Before and After

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Jang Dong Gun Tops the Korean Ladies Pick of 10 Most Handsome K-actors

It’s the ladies turn to voice their preferences and this top-10 list has quite a few overlaps with the recently released male audience picks. There is a wee distinction, which was likely used in asking the question, as the men … Continue reading