Rainie Yang’s Official MV for “We Are All Fools” Featuring Joseph Chang is Released

It’s out! Channel V in Taiwan has the official premiere for Rainie Yang‘s first single “We Are All Fools”ย off her new album, which has been featured in almost every episode of Drunken to Love You since the drama’s premiere. The MV guest-stars Rainie’s DTLY co-star Joseph Chang, and I swear their chemistry fried the thermometer in my house when I watched this MV. This is like the NC-17 rated version of Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu, with all the moody illicit vibes permeating the entire MV. Love it. It might just be against the law to have this much sensual chemistry with each other. I don’t think anything is going on in real life because neither are each other’s types, but still, the onscreen chemistry is truly incredible to witness.

Official MV for “We Are All Fools”:


Rainie Yang’s Official MV for “We Are All Fools” Featuring Joseph Chang is Released — 26 Comments

  1. I love it. Oh my, it was good. If joseph chang looked at me like that, i’d definitely consider ending a relationship for him. Heheh that sounds positively shallow of me, but…I might seriously consider it. AT least I think she ended her relationship for him. Did she? And he flaked on her?

    • Oh no, it was she who flaked on him. She sent him a text that she wasn’t going to meet him where they promised to meet. The MV ends with her voiceover that she will find a love that belongs only to her.

      So they don’t end up together, even though she did end her relationship because of him.

      • I tot he was the one who flaked on her? He did not end his relationship & did not turn up at the venue? Instead she end her relationship & turn up but sms him in the end cos she realise he is not able to give up the other gal.

      • You know what’s the hardest thing for an empowered woman when it comes to a relationship is when man would take her to control her just to make him feel more manly, and still cheat on her. I have never seen a more selfish love in the world. Love is scary because too much of it can kill your soul. And sometimes it’s in front of you but your refuse to admit it, here the woman was strong to see it won’t last unless he truly proved himself…. ๐Ÿ™ sad isn’t it….

      • Love the song, love the MV.

        But I’m a bit confused by the ending cos the scene where Rainie was crying, I thought she turned up at the venue and saw that Joseph wasn’t there.
        That’s why she sent the sms to him to tell him that she’ll find a love that belngs to her.
        Then the MV ended with Joseph telling his gf that he cannot lie to her, AFTER receiving the sms.
        er… so who flaked on who?

      • I’m the most confused because I don’t understand Chinese I’m basing my opinion on yours LOL ๐Ÿ˜‰ amusing!!!!

      • The ending that I would like to believe and hold on to:

        She ended the relationship for him. He didnt end the relationship for her. She turned up. He didnt turn up. She smsed him and told him to forget abt it. She then cried. He then ended the relationship with the gf. Then she raised her head as if she heard something… and I believe she heard her heart beats again as he ended his relationship for her…

        Sweet… the chemistry is sizzling that it burnt my laptop!

      • Ok we gotta bury that laptop hmmm I will mourn with yah!!!! LOL ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for that info…Angie Jolie? Great Day!!!!!

    • And the thing men don’t understand empowered women have the strongest intuition…. she knows she won’t land from this sky without a parachute….so why jump????

      • And yes it was only fair to break up with a man your not in love with anymore, the girl is definitely one empowered and wise character ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Thank u ms.K I really love and enjoy anything with these two yes, the chemistry on screen was undeniably hot hot hot….just like in DTLY…hope the would have another project sometime soon they really are well suited on the small screen….

  3. I really wish they were each others types because man they make such a beautiful couple which sizzling chemistry to boot. I never thought I would see a pairing with Rainie Yang that would top her chemistry with Mike He but I think Joseph has easily become my favorite leading man of hers. Their chemistry on screen is so sizzling and mature , its cherries on the top that Joseph is an awesome actor and Rainie has become such an exquisite actress herself.

    I am going to miss this couple an this drama when it ends.

  4. This MV does a really good take on the POV of the 3rd parties. Love it. As much as most people are automatically biased against the 3rd parties to relationships, this MV somehow reminds me that it’s never black & white when it comes to relationships.

  5. This MV’s scenario made me ask what i’d do if I was her. It’s gross to get kissed when his girl is trustingly sleeping her head on his thigh. No matter what hunk, what chemistry, if he drops his girl for me, I don’t think I can ever feel secure in this new relationship cuz love without a certain moral/principle is just passion; and passion fades.

  6. Oops was I hallucinating or what..I recall in a report or interview somewhere,think it was during the promotional trip to Singapore recently that it was reported that Rainie in response to a question,agreed that Joseph was her type.N Joseph didn’t deny during the interview at the starhub event that he did feel sparks when doing love scenes with her….ohhh perhaps I was reading too much into it.

  7. Oh my.That was good.
    Well couples do break up and they didn’t actually start.I don’t accept the logic that he can’t hurt the person next to him.I mean his feelings and hers have obviously changed-that’s why couples break up.

    Either way the video was moody and full of tension,love it

  8. nowww that’s the smouldering joseph that i’m used to seeing…. DTLY exposed his comedic side, but what made him every ladies’ dream was the funny childishness tempered with a tenderness rarely seen in drama actors and which he possesses in oooodles…and can flip on and off with just a glance… i WISH rainie and joseph would team up once more for a dark romance movie… where rainie gets to show off her newly acquired maturity and nuance and joseph.. well, can just smoke up the screen….*fans self*

    • *nod nod*

      i hope they would pair up again in something different, be it a more serious drama (still they play the lovers of coz), or a dark romance like you mentioned. good that taiwan is used to pairing up popular couples again so we can hope~

      • yes I would love to see more Taiwan empowered women not the Timid shecks….Behind every man’s success is a woman right ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Rainie is good in an empowered character…she can carry that…

  9. good mv! thought i dont understand a thing!!!!!
    OMG joseph!!! i want u!!!!
    OMG!!! all the time i was WOW!!!!
    lov u!
    i want a man just like u!

  10. This mv make me think that maybe this is based on their real life love life? Hehe! Since he has a girlfriend but maybe they like each other and in the end she didn’t wanna come in between? Another otp I wish to be together in real life!

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