Eugene and Ki Tae Young Release Wedding Stills as Their Wedding Draws Near

Only a few days away from the July nuptials of Eugene and Ki Tae Young, and the ravishingly in love couple have released a few of their wedding pictures. Supposedly the majority of their wedding pictures will be shot during their European honeymoon as the couple wanted a natural backdrop for their sure-to-be-gorgeous pictures. I can’t wait to see the guest walk for the wedding, as the last big A-list star-studded wedding was back in 2009 when Jang Dong Gun got married. The wedding invitation was leaked as well and it is actually the official stills from Creating Destiny, the drama that brought Eugene and Ki Tae Young together. Say it with me – awwwwwww, so cute. Eugene even got herself a casual bachelorette party thrown by her fellow idols from S.E.S. and Baby V.O.X. that she is close to.

[Credit: all pictures from Baidu Eugene bar]


Eugene and Ki Tae Young Release Wedding Stills as Their Wedding Draws Near — 22 Comments

  1. This is such a happy news! Watching them, I cudnt but hoping another otp whom we all loves so much recently will ring the bell soon! It will surely be a Daebak! Hehe. Guess everyone knows which otp I m mentioning about here right? Hehe ;p

    • I know which otp in your mind 😀
      The day they release the happy announcement will be the happiest day of my life (kind of exaggerating, but I feel that way now)

  2. I’ve always liked Eugene and I’m soooo happy for her! I wish them the best! May they go forth and produce lots of cutesy babies!! Haha! XD

  3. happy to see them.eugene met her match in life and be happy .god bless your married hoping that the one i also shipping will end the same.

  4. What a stunning couple! Gives me such good vibes. I can’t help but wish the same of KJH-YEH and that we’ll all see the day when they get hitched!!!

    • I congratulate the happy couple on their imminent wedding and wish them all the best for the future. They really hit it off onscreen and as we now know for sure, in real life, too.

      Like you, [b]Rubysing[/b], I am rooting the same thing for KJH-YEH, too. Eugene and Ki Tae Young’s true love story shows us that there is hope for the Cola Ice-cream pair, too, right ?

      • Oops…sorry, Rubysing, I was trying to embolden your name. It just didn’t appear how I wanted it to.

  5. so happy for them,especially eugene,the reason why i got addicted and discovered k-drama,haha..awwww,she’s soooo stunningly beautiful in those pics,what a lucky guy ;)) God bless their marriage and i wish them all the best ;))

  6. Love them in Creating Destiny and I did ship them…wowww !!! can’t take my eyes off the photos coz they do look together and very much in love… Wish them all the happiness and they are giving me hope for something like this to happen too HwanHye couple…

  7. Aaaawwww so cuteeeee.. So sweeettt! And eugene is so beautiful in the wedding gown.. Very gorgeous!! Ki tae yong is lucky man indeed.. <3

  8. YAY I love when I hear about costars finding their life partner in tv dramas. Hope for all the best to this joyous couple. God Bless Your Marriage.

  9. I watched again Creating Destiny last night, miss this couple a lot, can’t believe they will get married on July 23, so exciting.. I keep searching for the hint on all those scene when they together which will indicate their feeling toward each other during the filming. I mean they totally awesome, how can they keep it from us all this time?! nobody suspect anything about them, hahaha.. But I love this couple and I wish them Happy Wedding and they will stay together till forever…

    • Thought the invitation was also adorable. That’s destiny, right?

      Wishing the couple best wishes and love & understanding for the rest of their lives.

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