Yoon Si Yoon Goes Pensive and Edgy in Marie Claire Korea

Si Yoon, why so cute? Now that Lee Jun Ki is back from the army, suddenly my super pretty boy harem has doubled in size with these two dopplegangers back in business at the same time. Yoon Si Yoon graces the pages of the February issue of Marie Claire Korea, completely dropping the sunshine boy image from his High Kick days and fully transitioning into the smolderly leading man persona. I’m so so happy he ended up doing Me Too, Flower!, because craptastic ratings aside, it was fundamentally a drama that really challenged his acting skills and gave him a memorably complex character to play. I hope he does more of the Jae Hee-esque roles in the future rather than coasting on his mega-watt smile alone. I fairly certain he’ll keep getting better with age, and I fully intend to watch him evolve as an actor. As for this particular photo spread, the post topping picture is just drop dead gorgeous. Sigh…..

[Credit: Marie Claire Korea]


Yoon Si Yoon Goes Pensive and Edgy in Marie Claire Korea — 10 Comments

  1. He looks so good… but like a sullen baby at the same time… I don’t even know how to explain it… and yes Jie jie (in honour of your Da Mo Yao translating efforts, you have shifted from Unnie to Jie jie) you spoil us too much… we are undeserving OTL

  2. not tryna be a smoker anti-stance here, but hate how the ciggy makes an appearance in these edgy photoshoot most times. The message it sends is a skewed one, methinks.

    …but this aside, hot damn pictures are smokin’. I hope he chooses a great project next to showcase his acting – totally loved him in M2F!

  3. Omo shi yooon aah really smoky and hot there~ thanks unnie for sharing 😀 I really hope that shi yoon will pick his next small screen project soon. I’m really looking forward for his comeback, I miss him already D:

  4. My sunshine !!
    THAT is what i’m happy to see when i open my comp in the morning 🙂
    But see people : He is all broody and anguished. He is turning into a coffeeholic. He even started smocking. tsk, tsk.
    Did he have to look sad on all the pics ? I want just 1 flashing smile. And a signed contract for his next masterpiece. Come on Korea ! You have one of the best actors of his generation under your nose. What are you waiting for ?

    • I think he is trying to darken or strengthen his Actor image.
      Broody makes him look older, too.
      His last two photoshoots had him moody rather than cheerful.

      When is your next project, YSY?
      Announce you are playing opposite KSA soon! (Although that may be too much like his last role…)

  5. Haven’t watched any of his dramas but I intend to watch Baker King just to see him with Jowon. As makjang as that drama was it gave us 2 good actors to watch out for.

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