Moon Geun Young is a Refreshing Drink of Vita Energy

Sometimes I feel like Moon Geun Young is a Summer storm. She pops up suddenly, does her thang, and then disappears without a trace. It’s been a ridiculously long year and a half since she’s done an acting project, and even her endorsement deals are far between. She came back recently as the face of Vita Energy, and I swear seeing her adorableness was exactly the energy boost I needed. Rumor has it she’s considering a sageuk movie about a late Joseon princess, but it’s all unconfirmed so I won’t say more other than I would watch her wear a sack and run a potato race. She’s sooooo refreshing in these Vita ads, which is an endorsement pairing jackpot if you ask me.


Moon Geun Young is a Refreshing Drink of Vita Energy — 15 Comments

  1. I miss her sooo much! Really hope that she will consider that sageuk project. To act as that princess really requires good acting skill! It will either be a flop if she can’t bring out that character and likewise it will be an enormous breakthrough if she succeeded! I can’t wait yo see her winning an internationally acclaimed award. I have faith she will be int-acclaimed actress one day. It’s just a matter of time!!

    • It’s because she is a work freak, so when she is working she doesn’t eat at all, she skips meals and all, she focus too much on one thing at time -> her acting

      so she gets skinny….

  2. wow thanks captain for posting again some stuff of MGY..i always visit your site time to time to check news about her!i miss her too so much but i know her study is her priority right now so i will wait till she pops up on screen and anytime soon..heard also that rumor about the movie and hope its true coz she is the one who can pull that character..that would be awesome for her,cant wait….whooottt whooottt MGY gudluck!!
    LOVE you girl fighting^^

  3. you have fantastic timing…I was just thinking about her this morning…..I miss her so frigging much….Would be more excited about her comeback than that of any of the guys in the army right now….MGY in a sageuk sounds wonderful it were true

  4. Aww, Moon Geun Young! I’ve missed you, girl! I really hope she decides to work on that sageuk movie next since she was so amazing in Painter of the Wind. Can’t wait for her to start doing dramas again

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