Mari Makes Her Move in Episode 7 of Big

As far as second female leads go, Suzy‘s persistent little stalker Mari in Big ranks pretty low on the annoying meter. She amuses me, probably because I adore Suzy and she’s not a serious third wheel in the Kyung Jae-Da Ran growing relationship. A third reason might be that the other second female lead Se Young owns all the requisite characteristics for us to loathe her. Now that Mari is in the know, looks like she’s making her move and doing exactly what Kyung Jae told Da Ran would happen. Mari’s gonna stick to Kyung Jae like glue, though I wonder if she’s going to ignore his body still laying in the hospital? I would like to know exactly what transpired back in LA that would cause Mari to feel guilt over the death of Kyung Joon’s mom, because I think her desire to stay by his side is motivated by loyalty and guilt and I think she could be the family he needs to remind him that he’s not all alone. I see her role in this drama more as the comic relief and the narrative catalyst, so let’s see what she has up her sleeve in episode 7.


Mari Makes Her Move in Episode 7 of Big — 13 Comments

  1. I think the reason Mari is so guilty, is because she was against their parents marriage which might have made KJ’s mom stressed out and tired. Like, she might have been really mean to KJ’s mom or something. Though, that’d be kind of weird if she tried to woo her son..?

  2. waaa.
    she may stick like a glue to KJ but i don’t think she would be of a hindrance…
    I feel that Mari will be the catalyst to question KJ’s true feelings for Da Ran; Mari could also be their ally in keeping Se Young away from KJ and help them cover up the soul switching incident. She knows KJ enough to help them soon in coming up with a solution to switch back the boys’ souls… (just a thought)

  3. I like the idea of Mari knowing, because Kyung Joon now has 1 more person on his side that can help get him out of troublesome situations. Despite the fact that she’s generally an obsessive-stalker type, she’s also 100% loyal to him and lord knows Kyung Joon will need more allies if he’s to survive Yoon Jae’s mother & Se Young. 😛 Not to mention if she knows the full details, she’d be more likely to cover up for him, though I wonder whether she’s going to ditch his real body now that she has “real” Kyung Joon to follow around.

    Having a clingy Mari around might also help push Da Ran towards looking at Kyung Joon in a different light. Competition!

  4. I was so %^&* at Kyung Jae carrying Mari, I didn’t even notice that Da Ran is in these pictures as well. Phewww at least Kyung Jae and Mari aren’t alone…
    Happily waiting for the next two episodes 🙂

  5. WAIT a minute! Does Mari try to change her hair style to look like Da Ran???!! Remember that once she went to a store, trying to shop for the same brand Da-ran was wearing? Now that only KJ is trying to become YJ, Mari is trying to become DR in order to win KJ’s love? Amazing!

    However, I believe that if anything, DR likes the way KJ is. The same for MR–she will find the person who adores her is Dr’s brother.

    • I hope you’re right and Mari and Choong Shik will end up together. 😀
      They’ll be the cutest Hong Sisters side-couple since the bestfriends in Chun Hyang and the model+secretary combo in My Girl…

  6. She’s actually my favorite character because she’s so unpredictable…
    I’m so looking forward to see her clash with Seyoung..that would be epic!!!

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