Final Batch of Photos of Ariel Lin and Kim Bum for Echitoo

I’m still pinching myself despite posting multiple times about the Kim Bum and Ariel Lin collaboration for the Echitoo Fall ad campaign. Fandoms colliding is a magical and interesting experience, one which either works or fails spectacularly. Everything about the Bummie and Ariel couples shoot for Echitoo screams Epic Amazeballs. Ariel looks younger than her age while Bummie channels a much more mature guy than his real age, and together they have the best kind of synergy in print. It’s a kind of awareness but not overly reliant on each other, so they are both posing individually and aware of each other when they are in the same frame together. Bummie is making a concerted effort to break into the China market and I think this ad campaign is the first step in the right direction. Bringing the final remaining official pictures that have been just released, as well as glimpses of their ad in the store. These two just take my breath away.


Final Batch of Photos of Ariel Lin and Kim Bum for Echitoo — 14 Comments

  1. The first pic screams “power couple.” I feel like they’re walking the walk one takes after having conquered the world.

  2. They really look amazing together! I hope they can do a drama or movie together. Maybe after Ariel returns from her studies in England, hmmm… nothing is impossible. It would be sooo awesome to see them in a drama.

  3. Pretty! They look good together. Thanks for this post! 🙂

    Hmmm, I wonder if in the future Kim Bum can work on a K-drama with Moon Geun Young. Seeing Kim Bum’s acting in East of Eden, I think he will complement well Moon Geun Young’s acting style…Oh, gotta add this to my K-drama wish list. (*^__^*)

  4. He’s a pretty good actor from what I’ve seen of him in Padam Padam but he’s so young that he probably won’t get taken seriously for a while in Korea. I never got the impression that he really wanted to stick to soapy romcoms.

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