Official Preview Stills from Episode 11 of Nice Guy

Yay, hooray, today is Nice Guy day! The wait from the spine-tingling ending of episode 10 until now ought to have been interminable for me but luckily I had other things to distract me in the interim. But now that NG is right around the corner again, I’m getting that engines revving up sensation in my spine waiting to see what will happen next between Maru and Eun Gi. KBS released a batch of new stills from episode 11 that shows us Eun Gi isn’t going to be staying away from Maru despite his attempts to dissuade her from hanging around. The news article that accompanied the stills of Maru and Eun Gi sitting in his courtyard explain that Maru has been restraining himself from getting involved in Eun Gi’s life, but after the attempt to kidnap her, he cannot hold back any longer and he tells her how he really feels about her. But Maru doesn’t know when and if she’ll ever regain her memory, and what she felt towards him right before the accident, so their newly developing romance is like walking a tightrope that is fraught with the tension of the unknown. I like that in NG, Eun Gi didn’t selectively lose her memory and therefore can conveniently remember it when the plot calls for it. I think with her severe brain trauma resulting in loss of cognitive functions and memory, chances are good that she might simply relearn life but never regain the memories from before. That puts a nice twist on things, and either way this drama is sure to continue to keep me on my toes. Even if Eun Gi never regains her memory, I do hope she gets her old fashion sense back, because I’m not liking her ahjumma attire very much.


Official Preview Stills from Episode 11 of Nice Guy — 20 Comments

  1. you are amazing at what you do! you give us all the latest stills of Nice Guy very promptly. I can always look forward to going to your website. Thanks koala!


    If Choco starts bullying Eun Gi, I will put her in the same category as Jae Hee-hate!


    If she’s lecturing Eun Gi on how to seduce Maru, I will sign a petition to replace all Jae Hee scenes with Choco and Kwang Soo. <3

  3. I guess, she doesn’t have the money for a better wardrobe… I have never been so excited for a NG episode! I hope we actually get some vocal confirmation from Maru about his feelings as per the preview.

  4. Agree 100% regarding EunGi’s new fashion sense!! T_T

    Thanks so much for the spoilers!! So MAru and Eungi will be in a love relationship now??? AWESOMEEEEE!! ^0^

  5. One thing I see from the stills is that MR and EG start to wear similar colour, even if hers is ajumma-like. Before they always wear contrast, black vs. white. Now, it’s brighter for him but darker for her. They are getting closer to each other. Maybe I am reading to much into this meta 😀 because that’s what I wish for them. Very happy that it is Wednesday now!

    And thank you Captain Koala for diligently bring NG stills and spoilers to help me survive the in-between emptiness. Thank you gazillion times!

  6. Haha at your last line. I think it’s just that we’re used to seeing Eun Gi mostly in office attire. But if anyone noticed, even then she didn’t wear anything overly fancy since the old Eun Gi apparently almost never hung out at a shopping mall. I think it’s a nice change and obviously it’s to suit her situation and condition now 🙂

  7. Love the pictures. cant wait tomorrow morning to read your recap. thanks miss koala you are the faster recapper for the entire dramaland lover website.

  8. Thank You Mrs.Koala for the updates and spoilers of Nice Guy.
    I’ll be waiting patiently for tonight’s episode. Love the pics

  9. Is’t it just typical that the dramas you were waiting for turns out somewhat disappointing but the one you weren’t particularly interested in turns out stellar?? For a while, I was questioning if my love affair with kdrama was finally over and then Nice Guy comes along and blows tjat notion out of the water!!.

    Just a shame that Faith doesn’t hit the same spot… (If only the powers that be could re-edit it to fit into 16 episodes cos it’s compelling but not pacey like NG).

  10. @ Qua Trang: interesting remark on MR and EG’s colors. o/

    Her wardrobe is def NOT Gangnam style. [this comment was solely made as a shout-out to PSY’s international hit cuz I had not read any mention of him on Mrs K’s playground. 😀 ].

  11. yay for wednesday! well, aside from the Arang finale… i am also on my toes for NG.

    i can’t wait to see a loving look form Maru to EG. 🙂

    stay awesome always koala sis and thanks for the post.

  12. Ha ha ha! the ahjumma thing is so true, i guess its part of the Eun Gi packaging as an amnesiac for the time being, although Kang Maru on the other hand wowed us all the more, from being sizzling hot, he’s smoking hotness with leaping fire bits- Adonis walking on planet earth! NG hit the jackpot K Drama combi of chick magnet leading man & the story to hook – cheers NG!

  13. am I the only one who thinks MR liked EG since the second she fall in his hands unconcious on the plane , I think he liked her since that moment and before the accident when he saw her in the tunel on her way back to him he was happy untill she decided to hit her car and I think he was even happy that he will die with her on the car accident and that’s why he was smiling
    anyway ockola thanks for the pix and agree with u about the clothes me also nnot liking them
    I’m at work so can’t watch live and can’t find where to read live recap since I can’t log on to soompi at work so I will have to wait till I’m back to my hotel room to watch

  14. must~keep~waiting~until~english~subs~… aghhh!!! T_T NG is driving me crazzzyy~! I like the last pic, Choco going back to her brother and having a scene with Eun-gi! one happy family <3
    lol ahjumma attire! hahaha yeah, I love her simple style look before.

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