Yoo Ah In and Kim Hee Ae Move Their Secret Love Affair to the Pages of Elle Korea

The preemption of K-drama and variety shows stemming from the Sewol ferry sinking tragedy last Wednesday continues into this week somewhat. The major networks have started airing some nightly K-dramas but cable channel jTBC elected to cancel the airing of Secret Love Affair this week. That means no new episodes and episodes 11 and 12 will instead air next Mon-Tues. Anyone anxious for a new fix of this addicting and thought provoking show will have to summon up more patience and add another week to the wait. I’ve been holding onto the Elle Korea photo shoot featuring the two SLA leads Yoo Ah In and Kim Hee Ae for the last month, initially because I hadn’t started the drama yet when I saw these so wasn’t sure if I was in the mood to write about it, and the second being that not all the photos from the entire shoot had been released at that time. It’s all out now and qualities as a work of pictorial art.

I love everything about it – a few color but mostly throwback black and white, the smart cocktail and formal wear outfits, the sexy but not raunchy poses, and the feeling of posed passion that still manages to convey raw emotion. I’m so blown away by Yoo Ah In’s acting in SLA, leaps and bounds above anything he’s ever delivered in dramas. It’s much closer to how he is in movies and that’s a testament to having a great PD and costar to restrain his impetuousness and coax out his wounded depths. The Elle pictorial also works as a mirror reverse of the story line in SLA, showing Yoo Ah In as a confident playboy while Kim Hee Ae is a sexy femme type, both of which are so not what the characterization and unexpected romance is like in the drama. Hopefully this photoshoot will help plug the gap this week with no SLA around to challenge our opinions and feed our senses.


Yoo Ah In and Kim Hee Ae Move Their Secret Love Affair to the Pages of Elle Korea — 38 Comments

  1. They are gorgeous aren’t they?
    They must be really comfortable together.

    At first I thought the drama wouldn’t be able to match these shots of the pair being all sexy-like, but the last few eps…

    I may be slow to catch on, but I just realized that KHA is 47 years old.
    That is 3 short of 50. How can she look this good? She could pass for late 30’s.
    YAI’s not really looking like a 20 year old, as round as his face and hands look, but he doesn’t look 27 either.

    Thanks for the pretty to tide me over. I admit, I could use the break from the intensity, and I feel horrible for the families involved with the ferry disaster.

    • Doesn’t she have kids too? Where’s the belly flab?

      Also, I’d kill for her metabolism. She made me envious with all of her constant eating on Noonas Over Flowers.

      As for the photo shoot: Hot damn. Fanning self. Drooling. I <3 this couple.

  2. Don’t know about this… With a 26 year old son, the story of Secret Love Affair is REALLY disgusting, GROSS, revolting, sickening, nauseating etc… Entertainment industry needs to hold responsibilities too. DO NOT give these young impressionable people wrong ideas… It’s not Kosher…

    • FYI he’s not a teenager it’s not like she’s in a relationship with a minor the woman’s relationship with her husband is just commandership she actually lost her virginity with the young man the only thing that is wrong is that she’s married with a useless guy who used her for many years.

    • @Pirie you haven’t seen the drama eh? If it bothers you so much then don’t watch it or read articles relating to the drama.

    • Everything is not black&white…. Your comment reminds me of a saying my grandmother used when ever ppl said things like your comment.

      Don’t spit facing up because it will land back in your face!!.

    • @Pirie taste differs! And luckily there are a lot of places in this world, where you can live free to your own preferences without people judging you. In regarding of the age gap, no harm is done between two adults acting by mutual consent. What more do you need? If it’s the age gap that irks you the most, than I ask you, why is their so much approval / acceptance for a young girl-old man pairing (often younger than their own daughters)? Why is that okay? But not the other way around???
      BTW, they are acting and in the drama she has no child

    • I think the real issue here is that you’re getting personally threatened by this perfectly normal and consensual relationship. You might want to back off and reevaluate your own so-called morals and stop trying to hurt people who aren’t hurting anyone in the slightest.

    • Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.

      This is a work of fiction. Fiction, that mirrors real life. This show doesn’t blatantly glorify adultery. It shows that such things can happen and it shows the problems and inner conflicts coming along with it. All its other characters are moraly ambiguous, too. There are many ways to do abominable things. But funnily no other behavior (lying, mobbing, contract marriage, prostitution, corruption etc.) gets the same treatment by the pseudo-moralists in the fandom like this love.

      These pseudo-moralists judging everything by the cover and even falsifying facts come across as prejudiced and naive regarding human nature. Reminds me of all those homophobics having their panties in a twist as soon as two men kiss on screen, but don’t wince when a murder is shown or a religion is used to promote murder.

      That said, I must be the only one who is not fond of this photoshoot. Its artifical, in your face sexiness is unsexy to me and doesn’t come close to the layered emotions both evoke in the show itself.

    • Its obvious that your comment here was to thrashtalk a drama that you personally dont like. This forum is for those who UNDERSTAND and APPRECIATE this drama. It seems you live in a bubble where you are the ONLY one who was created by god.
      If you had watched the show and read the forum on SLA generally speaking snd I PERSONALLY do not glamorize affairs, but we do understand that people hsve different lives and choices, snd its just superficial to think that we have a right to condone them.
      Added to that, though SLA is a controversial topic it was handled, acted and written beautifully. Its not just about the affair BUT ABOUT THE COMPLEXITIES OF HUMAN NATURE. It talks and challenges your mind and outlook that its not just black and white.
      Your comment was rather childish and a mouthful of nonsense.
      Try watching contrversial films, lets say Crying Games or documentaries like Religilous.
      My dear, may you grow up with an open mind because the world is big and the ocean is deep.

      Its seems in real life your the first one who will cast a stone.

    • Why would the entertainment industry need to take responsibility? Until a certain age, Parents are responsibile for their children’s moral code and when they are able to function as adults and make their own decisions in life, then as parents we step back so they can live their own lives and only step in when needed. You may feel that this type of relationship is disgusting, gross, revolting and blah blah blah and you absolutely have the right to your opinion but to say that this is right or wrong between consenting adults is truly absurd.

      In this drama, this young man is 20 years old and is an adult in making his own decisions in his life. Whether it’s a mistake or not, it will be a lesson learned. Now as for as the real world, I consider 25 and older to be an adult and capable of making major life decisions, @ 26, I am sure your son is far from being impressionable and lead by entertainment values and also not needing mommy’s permission to date whom ever he chooses regardless of age, sex,color, or religion.

      I know when I was 26 and fell for my Boyfriend whom is now my husband, my father was not particular thrilled that I was in an interracial relationship and definitely not accepting of marriage but that was clearly his problem and his opinion/feelings were not going to determined my decisions in MY life.

    • REALLY don’t know what in your brain. Have you suffered it all? Love affair like this? If not, PLEASE DON’T RAISE YOUR VOICE AS YOU KNOW IT ALL.
      Just someone has been in this kind of relationship will know the feelings.
      You are maybe lucky to with your “same-age” lover but NOT FOR EVERYONE. Anything can be happen and I feel so sad for THERE IS NO PLACE FOR THIS SUCH OF LOVE AFFAIR.
      I appreciate this drama so much.

  3. I love these photoshoots to bits! They’re damn sizzling hot and give so much chemistry in Secret Love Affair. One of the best dramas of the year, IMO.

  4. Thanks for posting the interview with Kim Hee Ae. I really liked the way she spoke about meausering the success of a project and it’s not always about ratings.

    I also agree that it’s important tha Yoo Ah In was not afraid to touch her. Not only because she is an mature woman but because of the whole Korean social structure. If there was any hesitance it would have made the whole project awkward.

    I just thought I would post this Yoo Ah In CF. It’s so funny to see him so confidant and aggressive in this CF. a Hugh contrast to his role as SJ. Well and I’ll be honest there is a shirtless scene…whatever….no big deal….


  5. *bow* Thank you very much for the eye candy. And WOW! Those are some amazing shots. The two ooze off the chart chemistry here. I have great respect for their talents.

    • give me two million dollar i will not acting with baby boy – What do you know guy- It is the movies – if i am old lady you think I will give you a million to acting with…who are you???

  6. She is very beautiful when they try to make her look older working woman in SLA and she looks even better for close to 50 in these picts.

    Her interview is interesting though because in what way is Yoo Ah in not very good looking. He is not typical pretty flower and he hasnt operated his naturally looking bigger nose than other male stars but he looks very handsome. As a man even i think he looks better than 90% of korean film,drama stars.

  7. hot damn. they look so hot. wish there will be a scene in the drama were they both making out on the bed.
    kim hee ae still got it. even in her high 40s. who going to get this hot woman in real life.

  8. I love the drama so much. I felt true love between the two. I kept watching the drama. I love Kim Hee Ae and Yoo Ah In… Love love love

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