Sneak Peek at the Male Leads Eric, Sung Joon, and Yoon Hyun Min Filming Discovery of Romance

It’s still a bit too early to get the first official drama stills from the upcoming Discovery of Romance, but a sneak peek is available courtesy of the leads filming out and about in Seoul. If I lived there I would get no work done, I would just run around filming locations and try to ogle at the upcoming dramas and maybe get lucky and paw paw a lead or two. Discovery of Romance has a fantastic cast stacked top-to-bottom with acting talent that are enjoyable to watch and easy on the eyes. Eric and Jung Yumi play a pair of exes and have a second chance at romance though things are sticky with Sung Joon as Jung Yumi’s current boyfriend. There are worse things than having Sung Joon on base while Eric fights for another chance at bat. Yoon Jin Yi has a long crush on Sung Joon so might be trying to encourage Jung Yumi to go back to her ex Eric so she can have Sung Joon all to herself.

Yoon Hyun Min plays Eric’s good friend and I so enjoy watching him smirk onscreen even if he’s been stick in best buddy mode in a string of dramas. Adorable Kim Seul Gi brings her ample comedic timing to this drama as Jung Yumi’s good friend, and hopefully she’ll be wisecracking her way through the show. I’m relieved to see all the male leads looking so normally handsome, rather than extreme follicly challenged feats of fancy. Eric’s hair is very closely cropped and reminds me of when he just finished military service. While I prefer a little bit more hair on my male leads, he’s got such masculine features and figure that the shorn hair look suits him nicely and is probably a bonus since the drama is filming during the muggiest dog days of Summer. Sung Joon is playing a surgeon but he still looks like an overly tall boy to me, which might work if his character is destined to be the devoted boyfriend who ends up heartbroken.


Sneak Peek at the Male Leads Eric, Sung Joon, and Yoon Hyun Min Filming Discovery of Romance — 8 Comments

  1. My love Eric, you look so fantastic. Wish he would have more luck in picking projects. He’s such a great actor but not as widely recognize.

  2. Eric looks fantastic. I wouldn’t mind having a hot summer romance with someone like him. Harharhar. I know I am delusional.

    On the other hand, if I was a real surgeon in Korea. Or a specialist, I would be going ” man all the overseas viewers are all going to think Korea graduates such young surgeons in their 20’s “. Looking at the spate of young good looking doctors on tv currently.

  3. That Caesar hair cut makes Eric looks younger in these pics. Judging by his hair and Yumis’s long hair (she spots short hair in the test filming shots) + their casual wardrobe, perhaps they were filming the younger days of Kang Taeha (Eric) and Yeoreum (Yumi) in their hometown?

    I thought Yoon Hyun Min plays Yumi’s best friend/oppa.

    Can’t wait for this drama!

  4. Most of the casts maybe still really young (except Eric), but all of them are great and strong in acting especially Kim Seul Gi and Yoon Hyun Min. I watched their previous dramas before. What I adore from Eric beside his acting is, he always willingly to have such an extreme style for supporting his roles. I still remember got shocked after seeing he was bald just after the sexy style of Wolf. I prefer Eric with longer hair like his phoenix days. Maybe the short cut only for his past and they may change his style after entering his CEO period. The most enjoyable scenes always when Eric teasing his female leads. Reminds me whenever he teased Han Ji Min, Han Ye Seul and Jung Yoo Mi, I kept giggles and smiling like idiot…LOL… Anyway, I hope the drama will be great success because I’m sure the casts will try their very best.

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