Records of a Night Watchman: More Kim Sung Oh Costume Hilarity While Yoon Tae Young and Seo Ye Ji Look Great

Records of a Night Watchman is so giving me anticipation and optimism whiplash. One moment it looks so bad as to be a Saturday Night Live sketch of a fantasy sageuk, another minute I see stuff that looks decent enough to buoy my hopes again that the end result might be cool. Terrible costuming is currently the number one problem for this show – first there was cringeworthy blond-wigged Kim Sung Oh as the baddie with a CGI eagle on his shoulder, then came a night watchman costume for Jung Il Woo that conjured up bad leather outfits complete with shaggy hair. No and no. I really need to do something about how I react whenever I see Kim Sung Oh in this drama because the latest stills of him in full wizard shaman mode made me bust a gut dying of laughter. He does not look scary, eerie, or fantastical, just more full on lame. The horned headpiece is part Pan’s Labyrinth part Legend but in a low budget hokey way. At least the new stills of Yoon Tae Young looks great as the leader of the night watchmen, he’s always intensely watchable in sageuks. Relative newbie actress Seo Ye Ji‘s fresh and lovely first stills are also out and reminds me of seeing then relative newbie Lee Yu Bi in Gu Family Book. That’s a good thing for Seo Ye Ji because Lee Yu Bi knocked her role out of the part in that drama, proving that being inexperienced doesn’t automatically mean sageuk acting failure. This drama is definitely loads of fun to follow along with pre-premiere since everything that comes out leaves an impression whether really good or really bad.


Records of a Night Watchman: More Kim Sung Oh Costume Hilarity While Yoon Tae Young and Seo Ye Ji Look Great — 11 Comments

    • The costuming makes it look ten kinds of terrible. I like how they wrapped Evil Wizard in ten layers of studded leather and then left one scrawny little-boy arm flap free. The proportions are so off.

  1. I can’t watch this. My love for KSO is too strong… That said, maybe Bird Shaman & Snake Shaman are twin bros separated at birth? One good, one evil. *Braces for impact*.

  2. #rollingmyeyes
    So he has more costumes. What a surprise. As if the first one is not bad enough. I don’t know where to look for the second look coz so many stuff going on so i end up looking at his headpiece. A crown or something? Bahahha.

  3. What the….. This seems like a crossover between a sageuk + Conan the barbarian + Mad Max. My jaw dropped to the floor with Kim Sung Oh ¿crown? and is still there. I know it’s supposed to be a sageuk with supernatural touches, but the costumes are soooo horrible and laughable. Sorry, I think I’ll pass.

  4. Why oh why can’t this show just air already so we can all finally find out what the hell it’s going to be? I wanted to be able to laugh a lot, and I’m sure I will whenever Kim Sung Oh shows up, but then some parts look super serious and kinda cool. I’m so confused . . .

  5. Don’t underestimate Seo Ye Ji, she was really good in Potato Star so she has the chance to be good here too.

    And Lee Yubi was f***ing amazing in Gu Family Book. Why isn’t she being offered lead roles by now, she’s definitely very talented and pretty too.

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