Kill Me Heal Me Narrows Down Leading Men Candidates as the Character Will be in His Twenties

Upcoming mega-budget and scope MBC joint Korea-Chinese production K-drama Kill Me Heal Me continues to trickle down news for a better understanding of what to expect. I wish the network would just go full Heirs and release a comprehensive synopsis and let the speculation have more teeth to it. This weekend starts off with a two pronged update from the production that gives a much clearer picture of the leading man. With the clock nearly four years since Hyun Bin was last on television with Secret Garden, his name has been floated as one of the top possibilities for this drama since the project was announced. Today his agency revealed that Hyun Bin was approached but nothing concrete was discussed beyond the production asking about his availability later this year into early next year as the drama films and airs.

MBC followed up by admitting it contacted Hyun Bin but added that a handful of top actors have been discussed for this project during the planning phase but now the production knows exactly what the leading man age requirement will be. Kill Me Heal Me is the story of a chaebol heir with multiple personality disorder with 7 different personalities battling for supremacy. He ends up falling in love with the first year psychology resident (a doctor but a newbie one) secretly treating him. It will make a huge difference whether the leading man character is in his 30’s vs 20’s and the drama has decided to go for a twenty-something actor to play the younger man role. That immediately nixes Binne along with with a host of older A-list actors from the role such as Jang Dong Gun or Song Seung Heon. That also leaves only a few viable candidates of K-actors in their twenties with enough star power in Korea and China that can land this role so let’s discuss the possibilities below.

Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun. I refer to them together because the casting conversation might actually start and end with them. They are far and away the most popular Korean actors in China right now. By a significant margin.

Yoo Seung Ho. He’s the youngest and also just coming back from military service. The timing might end up not working but he’s definitely always in contention for the top twenty-something roles.

Kim Woo Bin. His charisma is so undeniable that he is now one of the biggest K-actors in the Chinese market, all on the back of playing a bullying second male lead in Heirs. Impressive.

Yoochun. His name keeps getting mentioned and timing-wise would be great for him to do a final big drama before enlisting in the military.

Lee Seung Gi. My boy! Even his lackluster dramas like You’re All Surrounded gets attention because he’s in it.

Jang Geun Seok. He’s still really really popular overseas including in China, and when and if he feels like it then he still has the acting chops.

We can reasonably cross these young men off the short list. Highly unlikely twenty-something K-actors (1) who aren’t nearly A-list enough to have a shot at this, (2) is in the army, or (3) doing a drama now or then: Kim Bum, Jung Il Woo, Sung Joon, Yoon Si Yoon, Joo Won, Yoo Ah In, Lee Je Hoon, Lee Jong Seok, Ji Chang Wook, and Seo In Guk. It’s also not going to be an idol-actor, not for such a big budget drama and requiring the leading man to play 7 different characters. Very few K-actors have the breadth to do that much less an idol trying to give acting a shot. Who do you think will end up leading Kill Me Heal Me?


Kill Me Heal Me Narrows Down Leading Men Candidates as the Character Will be in His Twenties — 61 Comments

  1. Kim soo Hyun is already out of the running. His reps have said he won’t be picking (or announcing) a project until at least next year. He’s taking cautious steps in choosing his next project after stars.
    my top choice for a role like this is yoo seung ho, hands down he’s the most capable on this list of candidates. Everyone else may struggle with the whole 7 personalities quirk. Plus its about time yoo seung ho added a lead role big name project to his resume.

  2. I’d like YSH too but it may be an ambitious project to tackle and I’m not sure of his star power yet. I’d take KWB too. Just no to LMH & KSH: I don’t care about their fanbase, they are not good actors enough for this character. Off topic: Binnie for Descendants of the Sun? Hehe. 😉

  3. Er even I can’t speculate who I want. With such role I would prefer someone with great acting skills otherwise it would bomb. Surely Chinese fans are not going to expect crap acting?

    I would go for YSH out of the whole lot. Just because he’s the only one that might carry it off.

  4. it s weird that they need to cast 20s something actor to act 20s something character. or if the character is older, 30s something, they will cast 30s something actor.

    when did this rule start? many older actors/actresses play younger characters all the time like PSH, LMH,JJH,… or younger actors/actresses play older characters like YSH,Yoona, SooYoung,…

    Actors/actresses do not need to be at certain age to act certain characters, if their skills are good

  5. I want KWB because he would be perfect for the slightly off kilter role but if I think of a more mainstream choice, it could be KSH too.

    • I agree, Woobie would be perfect for this role.

      I loved KSH in Dream High, but I haven’t been impressed with his acting since then.

  6. Lulz.

    Methinks all the top stars of note probably turned them down already and so they’re pretending that they wanted someone in his 20s all along.

    Are they expecting us to think that if Hyun Bin said yes to this role, they would mind ageing the character a few years?

    What’s most important is that the female lead actually look like a first year resident – in the US, that means someone around 26 years old. No going too young or too old please!

    • Lol, ikr. I’m not a fan of HB, but I wouldn’t mind him picking up this project, alongside with an actress in her early thirties (JNR perhaps?).

      My bet’s on KWB, since he turned down Pinocchio and this seems like something an up and coming actor will take the risk of waiting for.

      • I think it doesn’t matter even if the character is in his 20s, HB can definitely act like a man in his late 20s so… And I’m a huge fan of JNR, but the female lead is supposed to be a newbie doctor. Despite her everlasting youthfulness I still doubt that she’ll be considered for the role since. Crossing my fingers though. However, I’m not too impressed with the premise at the moment. The only reason why the drama seems to be getting hype is because of the investment it’s getting.

      • It matters actually, if they do skew older, say mature male in his mid-thirties compared to fresh-faced KWB or anyone else on that list. At least I hope it does matter… You know how kdramas are D:

        I’m hoping she gets it too since she’s big in China! Wasn’t GHJ a first year resident too in IOIL? Doubt she was 20ish in there, at the very least almost 30. Or they could go the EC route and make the female lead older in that sense as well.

      • I would say that she’s not as big in China as she was 6 or 7 years ago – during the Bratty Princess period. She’s still very famous, but perhaps not as popular. I’m not too keen on the drama itself but I think it may be a hit still and that’s why I’m hoping that she gets it. Haha…

        My bet is on Lee Min-ho and Yoon Eun-hye though. It’s the ultimate combination if you want to go for star power, no? That’s based on the assumption that they’ll want both leads to be top stars. I think a fresh-faced actor like Kim Woo-bin and Yoo Seung-ho may not work. KWB is popular in China but I don’t think a top actress would want to play second fiddle to him. And YSH, he’s just not that well-known in China even though South Korea loves him to bits.

      • Well my choice if they want a power lead cast which is famous in China
        as well Korea & other Asian countries. So my first choice is HYUN BIN
        he can be looks tO med 20’s or 30’s and he is a versatile actor, his
        acting is really simple but powerful and MY second choice is LEE MIN HOO
        HE is one of the best top and a very good actor, and he is very popular
        actor around the world.

        Then the lead actress will be YOON EUN HYE because it will be first time to
        be pair to Hyun Bin Or Lee Min Hoo. So its new to the viewers. It will be
        AWESOME!!… Cheers!.

  7. I think it`s gonna be KSH or Yoochun. I was wondering if leading actress is gonna be in her 20s too. If she is first year resident doctor, she needs to be around 25-26 years old.

    • Based on all the different roles he has play, i could see him pulling this off. I don’t really care for this drama through. It’s not interesting.

    • He has the acting chops, thoigh his last few dramas have tanked rating wise. They need an A list actor to guarantee huge or fairly reasonable ratings. That woukd count out JSK.

      • Maybe youve got a point there but I beg to disagree with the “guaranteed a list actor who can fare ratings” actors can’t always fare rating numbers unless the viewers find the plot intruding enough to watch….besides the last time officially I heard his name was attached in the casting of Empress ki which unfortunatly he let go, that was a huge show. So I don’t think ratings is everything….viewers need actors good enough to pull off any character that they love or hate it. And JGS in my view is deffo a talented actor and versatile only if he goes back to the days similar to pre you’re beautiful.His outstanding performance in Iteawon homicide made me realise how talented he is. Other than that I’d probably like someone older for this drama but binnie passed this on I guess 🙁

    • I would like JGS to take on this role. Just to regain some acting cred if nothing else. However its a little too difficult imagining him in this role as his image is a little set, considering his last few movies/dramas. In a nutshell, he needs an image change.

  8. My vote would be for Jang Geun Seok. The stories he tells with his eyes alone when he’s acting is amazing! He’s perfectly capable for this role.

    • Exactly. I don’t like him as a person, but i know he’s talented, and too bad he always pick an awful project ever since you’re beautiful. X(
      He really need something big to boost his name again in the industry. And if he success carry on 7 different personality, i’m sure he will boost his name again as an actor.

  9. Is it totally impossible to cast yoo yeon seok? No idea how he fares in terms of star power but all I need is an excuse to stare at him and a drama is definitely plausible in that sense haha

      • Played Chilbong in Answer me 1994/Reply 1994. That’s probably his biggest and most popular role. He’s had a few other minor ones, mostly as bad guys though (at least where I’ve seen him)

        It would be interesting to see him in this role. Especially as we know he can do bad guys and good guys to give the different personalities, well seperate personalities.

  10. I think except lee min ho and kim soo hyun who are busy, only kim won bin (among those in 20s) can attract enough attention in china and korea

    • Erm, Yoochun happens to be super popular in China. The number of followers JGS has on weibo should be enough to prove his popularity and LSG’s recent drama – the pretty boring YAAS – has more than 500M views on QQ. So nope, KWB may be big but not bigger than others mentioned in the article.

  11. i want hyunbin back in dramaland DDDD:
    i’ve got a feeling LMH, KSH and KWB are top of their list considering their popularity in China but I doubt LMH and KSH will take it. KWB maybe, but i don’t really want him to do this.

  12. I am pretty indifferent to everyone on this list. It’s aounding like an heirs – not in plot but in capturing my interest – which is not at all.

    KWB might be the best choice maybe or yoochun. Definitely don’t think they would go with ysh – wven though I think he’d be capable.

    Honestly I had a feeling they would skew younger one this cast.

    • My previous comment sent unfinish, aplogize. Most of the actors are my fave, but if i have to pick for this character, it would be Yo Seung Ho or Park Yoochun, they have done different roles and characters, i think they can pull this one off. And if there is a need for popularity in China, well the production should pick Yoochun then.

  13. The young kids you mention as being in contention are all famous, sure. But none of them are really great actors so I think we can already predict that this is going to be another Heirs for Kim Eun Sook. Just the thought of Kim Soo Hyun trying to gestalt 7 different characters makes me shiver with trepidation…

    • Nope, his Chinese fans already knew about this a few weeks ago already. Timing might not work though because Yoochun’s Kpop group, JYJ, is rumoured to schedule a Japanese national tour starting late fall till end of this year,

  14. I hope they will not only consider star power but also the acting skills..I think I vote for Jang Geun Suk.I think among the names mention he is the one with star power and acting chops(not really the best but more on balance).

  15. Honestly, this drama sounds like a huge mess already (the plot sounds like some awful parody of IOIL) and I don’t want any of my faves to do it…. but they were going to cast a slightly older actor Lee Jun Ki would be a good choice. He’s got the chops + he’s popular in China. I’m glad Binnie is staying well away. I hope he doesn’t do Kim Eun Sook’s new drama instead…

    If Kim Soo Hyun has indeed turned this down, it seems likely that either Lee Min Ho or Kim Woo Bin will do it. This sounds like it has hit written all over it. I don’t think either of them have the talent, but the Chinese investors will only be looking at star power, so.

  16. I actually want it to be JGS. His project recently might be sucks, but i know he’s capable to do that.
    I hope the PD will give him change.

    • I don’t think Jang Keun Suk will accept it! IN “Pretty boy” he also portrayed 7 different aspects of personality and nobody praised him, in Korea he recieves only bashing! Also KBS starts rerunning of “Love rain” – maybe this channel prepares the public for a new project with him.

      • Hmm.. i don’t think he potray 7 diff character in ‘pretty boy’ tho :/
        the reason why JGS always got bash is because he always potray those ‘beautiful boy’ image ever since ‘you’re beautiful’. It’s kinda sucks i agree.
        But if we think about talent, JGS is indeed have a talent.

    • @Royana Koreans know Jang Geun Suk can act, I think they want to see him in a different role. Pretty Man for them is just another role that showcased his flower boy image. Can’t wait to see him in another project.

      @Sashihara Yup agree with you, he is definitely much more capable of this role than other actors that were mentioned except for Yoo Seung Ho. If it is schedule to air this year, then it cannot be JGS, he has Asia Tour starting this October.

      • @J-kriss, the drama will air in January 2015. If I’m not mistaken, JGS has no concerts/shows scheduled for this December. I will definitely root for him if he is offered the lead male role. He has the acting chops, but is somewhat underrated in Korea.

  17. I don’t think it will be yoo seung ho. Though I love this young actor, he’s is and looks to young to be a doctor. Plus, he’s not an A-lister yet. I don’t hyun bin is totally out, but is probably less likely. He looks young enough to be in his 20’s. Probably Kim Soo Hyun or Jung Il Woo or Kim Bum could really do the role justice. Lee Min ho doesn’t have the acting chops of the above 3 actors or maybe he’s just not hungry enough (seems pretty comfortable and complacent), but his fanbase is so huge – it doesn’t even matter.

    • My bad… if it’s playing a chaebol, then yoo seung ho could play the role, though he is still looks super young. But I do think he has the acting chops. I would also be fine with Jang Geun Suk in this role.

  18. From all the above mentioned…….KWB, JGS, PYC………for all the reasons mentioned by everyone above……..but psychological based drama really don’t appeal at all so would not like to see KWB star in it. I believe JGS did exceptionally well in pre YB drama in that psychological thriller where he performed the role of a murderer?

    • That’s A movie called “the case of Itaewon homicide” in which he played a murderer speaking english all through the film and he’s just so good given a challenging role that is worth his talent.

  19. Wooobinieeeeee. I miss him so much, he really need star in some drama and melt my heart with his super eyebrow. Soon

    But talking about this casting, actually i dont mind whichever is being accepted since all of them have their own charm and talent, i think it’ll interesting.

    Personally, eventhou i love woobin and his super charsima, i want to see yoochun playing this character. He have this weird charm in acting that i dont know how to describe right, probably the word is earthy or down to earth? For me, he is not the most charismatic actor. The way he act, never explosive but not underwhelming and comfortable to watch sometimes i forget his acting is an acting. Of course he still need to learn and explore more, but i do think he really can pull this character.

  20. for main cast i think imposibel if kim soo hyun because this drama air soohyun have many schedule .i think lee min ho because he’s profesional actor. and for main cast girl i think kwon yuri because she’s face have calming and she’s acting very good ( you can see fashion king ) she’s face have kwon doctor because she’s charismatic and beautiful !

  21. I hope that yo seung ho ( I Miss you) is considered for this project. I think that he can pull off acting out a multiple personality disorder. That boy has depth.

  22. I hope JGS bags the role. He has the talent to pull the character off. Yes, he was amazing in The case of itaewon homicide! He is more popular overseas than in Korea. I hope a project as big as this becomes benificial to his career locally.

  23. Although, I loveee Joowon, I think this could be YAI’s break out role. I dont think he has had one yet & imo has much more range than KSH or LMH.

  24. Yeah I think that role will be suit for JKS. as you know he is a talented actor. If he wants to acting, then he will do his best!!
    also I suggest you to watch his “The Case of Itaewon Homicide” movie *-*

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