Ji Sung Launches Fashion and Lipstick Trends Thanks to Kill Me Heal Me Buzz

Leave it to Ji Sung to keep garnering positive buzz for his performance thus far in the MBC Wed-Thurs drama Kill Me Heal Me. It’s the current ratings leader even if the ratings are still low double digits as is the general ratings landscape for all the weekday prime time dramas. What marketers love isn’t just ratings but buzz, which can sometimes indicate that the drama is influencing trends or having an impact on raising sales for brands featured in the show. That’s exactly what’s happened with KMHM but in a hilarious twisted gender way.

One of Ji Sung’s multiple personalities in the drama is a 16 year old boy-crazy ditz named Ahn Yoo Na, a role that immediately became a viewer favorite with both her over-the-top antics and how masterfully Ji Sung portrayed the teen attitude with such earnestness. The lipstick Yoo Na wore during the drama is a Hera brand lip tint which has now sold out in Korea within the last week, plus the rabbit fuzzy polyester PJ set that Yoo Na appropriated from leading lady Ri Jin has also flown off the shelves. Even the twin brother alter ego Yoo Sub is turning into an unwitting fashion model as the striped lounge shirt he wore in episode 9 also sold out. Dang, you go Ji Sung!

It’s been awhile since the media has covered a bona fide K-drama fashion (make up or clothing) influence, the most memorable recent spokesmodels that sold out a particular product was Jeon Ji Hyun giving YSL lipstick the biggest boost since ever thanks to You From Another Star, and even earlier it was Yoon Eun Hye crying and looking lush-lipped thanks to Nars lipstick in Missing You which went out to fly off the shelves.


Ji Sung Launches Fashion and Lipstick Trends Thanks to Kill Me Heal Me Buzz — 23 Comments

  1. that stunning pink color looked so flawless on Yona’s lips no wonder the product sold out. Jisung did pull off the color successfully and he’s surely rocking it in KMHM.

  2. Hey! I wanted that striped shirt, too. I used that image on my current header that I never want to take down.

    Ah, I love him. With that horrible hair in PTB, the I-don’t-remember-it-being-that-bad-hair in Secret, and now all these lovely choices in this show.

    I am so glad he is married to a lovely lady. That makes my heart happy.

    With 10 eps left, KMHM could fall apart, but it won’t matter as long as we can look at JS in all his glory. This PD did an awesome job lighting THT (SSH) in East of Eden. He knows how to make a pretty man irresistible.

    • Are you are mind reader? I was thinking all of those things EXACTLY while reading this post!

      I am happy that he is getting great buzz for this show. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it stays this good until the end. I laugh and then cry almost as quickly as he changes personalities.

      • LOL YES. I THINK JOMO IS! I also have this tendency to be afraid that the show would just fall flat after 10 ep of build up. But i given the story was written by The Moon embraces the Sun, I really hope that the part 2 of the story would be as good as the part 1. đŸ˜€

        P.S I never thought a man would make me want to wear lip tint. ><

  3. add Park shin hye to the list.the Mamonde lipstick she used in Pinocchio were sold out.even the AGATHA button neck-laced she worn were also sold-out immediately.
    but truth be told,Ji Sung is one great actor.that’s why Protect The Boss remains one if my fav. kdrama

  4. it actually wasnt even ysl lipstick. The show and ysl both confirmed it, but it didn’t matter in the end since everyone bought ysl….. I heard the real lipstick company wanted to sue lol. who knows how much potential money they missed out on

  5. On the off chance that someone knows: what brand eyeliner is SeGi rocking? Because that guyliner also looks freaking good!

  6. I though this drama was going to be a train wreck (and I do find the female lead screechy and over the top) but I heart Ji Sung in this so much!!!!!! He looks like he’s having such a blast doing each character!

  7. oh, ji sung is doing a very good job in portraying all the personalities…it so funny with him changing personalities most of the times…espciially the girls…llove them.

  8. If Ji Sung’s YooNa is pulling off women’s lipstick so well that it’s flying off the shelves, just imagine what the oh-so-gorgeous SeGi is doing for eyeliner!

  9. Who knew a guy in a rabbit pajama would cause such a trend? All of a sudden I have the urge to go get that lip tint now! So happy for the actors of KMHM. Love, love this drama!

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