Blood is All Over the Place with Three Thematically Different Drama Posters

The official drama posters are out for the upcoming KBS vampire medical drama Blood, taking over the Mon-Tues slot from the underrated Healer. I’m sure fans of the leads of this drama will claim I’m piling on yet again but the posters are so whiplash inducing I can’t even. Is it a rom-com, what with Gu Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun cheekily sharing a bag of blood juice? Is it a workplace rival doctors bit when I see Ahn Jae Hyun and Ji Jin Hee splitting a poster with intense looks modeling their doctorly whites. Or is it a vampire thriller with Ahn Jae Hyun warring between his doctor do-no-evil side and his vampire I-suck-blood side?

Trust me when I say “no drama has ever EVER been good when it can’t figure out what it’s central thematic is and stick with it.” Most recent case in point being the tri-polar Dr. Stranger, at times all spy death-and-destruction danger, then workplace goofing off antics that led to the second female lead losing her brain, and finally a story delving into medical ethics (or lack thereof). See where my worry for Blood is coming from? At this point Ahn Jae Hyun can be replaced with Kim Myung Min playing the vampire doctor and I would still think this drama is a potential crazy train about the depart the station. Think is the operative opinion, of course, and if Blood proves me wrong then holy we’re all going to need some sedatives to properly enjoy this sucker.

Little certain victories in this drama are always appreciated. Not only does this drama have Park Joo Mi guest-starring as the mom of leading man Ahn Jae Hyun’s character, Ryu Soo Young is also doing a guest-starring role as his dad. Yay for more treats before the central story gets started.


Blood is All Over the Place with Three Thematically Different Drama Posters — 17 Comments

  1. Nice. Ryo Soo Young looks good as vampire daddy. I wonder how long daddy’s gonna be in the story. Maybe it’s gonna be like GFB and I can just enjoy daddy’s story and skip the rest?

  2. The third poster has a nice design and that would actually be what I’d have liked from the show. Epic good vs. evil battle. We have enough romances and multiple personalities with single man-angst. Good epic fights between a hero and a villain appeal to a much wider audience too. It’s why people watch revenge works.

    And imagine how awesome it would be if a female lead was part of the action and a friend or partner in the fight for once, instead of a fated-to-be-damseled romantic interest.

    Then again, if the third poster would be it, Ahn’s presence would be even more worrying, since you kind of need two great actors to carry a duel-style story. As things stand, I also fear for the worst.

  3. yeah,same thought.i looks like a rom-com.
    i was on Asianwiki and i decided to view the drama page.the hate there is way too much.Healer fans are just bashing other dramas and its actors.the insults that Pinocchio and CH are receiving there is no joke.some even compare it to,some fans there are saying PMY’s acting there is better than JJH’s in “STARS”.JCW is better than both LMH and KSH.i got discouraged after reading this.just to make the drama known,(more than it already is) they are putting down other dramas as well….

    • I just can’t understand why they have to bash other dramas. I mean if they’re kdramas fans, surely they’ve watched other dramas too, right? Or they’re just fans for one drama only?

      I like Healer, but I like YWCFTS and Pinocchio too. And a lot of other dramas, actors, and actresses. And maybe I’ll like Blood, Ahn Jae Hyun, and Goo Hye Sun too 🙂

      • thank you for saying “SOME”. since im also a fan of healer. but i love kill me heal me! im not only a fan of one drama 🙂
        but those SOME healer fans who said bad things about others are just childish. kdrama isnt just about healer. there are a lot of good dramas.

  4. Yeah, the posters are confusing, but I like the writer since God’s Quiz. So I’ll try this one for the writer and Ji Jin Hee

  5. Speaking of vampires, holy hell @ Park Joo Mi. That is one well preserved lady.

    I’m standing by my belief that this will be a train wreck of epic proportions but Ji Jin Hee is my fave so I gotta deal.

  6. Actually, I promised myself I wouldn’t watch this drama, but the trailers are so intriguing, especially the latest one at the end of episode 19 of Healer that now, I’m genuinely curious. I’m willing to give this show the benefit of the doubt mostly because I just rediscovered Gu Hye-sun whom I adored in Angel Eyes. I don’t care much for Ji Jin-hee or Ahn Jae-hyun.

  7. Ji Jin Hee and the writer from God’s Quiz? I’m in.

    The 3rd poster is really nice, especially love what they did to Ahn Jae Hyun’s eyes!

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