Lee Jin Wook May Pine 7000 Days for Ha Ji Won in Korean In Time With You

When I was mulling over Ha Ji Won‘s possible leading man for the K-version of In Time With You, now called The Time I Loved You, 7000 Days, I didn’t include the actual name being floated now only because I thought he was already taken. That, and also not quite the fame level I thought the production would go for, headlining cable or weekend dramas or being the second male lead in prime time dramas is almost there but not quite. Of course Ha Ji Won could end up not confirmed this drama either so whatever my opinion on this could be moot.

With that said, I kinda really like it, that’s the thought that went through my head when news broke that Lee Jin Wook is in talks for the male lead of K-ITWY. He got great reviews for his performance in last year’s The Three Musketeers, but I thought his schedule would be set when his name was discussed for the leading man of upcoming KBS Mon-Tues drama Hello Monster (to follow after Who Are You: School 2015). Looks like Lee Jin Wook is leaning less towards having his own stalker inΒ Jang Nara and instead becoming Ha Ji Won’s lovelorn best friend.

I’m surprised at how okay I am with Lee Jin Wook potentially doing this drama with Ha Ji Won, even if he’s not the first name to pop into my mind. I like him enough but he’s still waiting for his stardom to really cement despite breakout roles in Nine: Nine Times Travel as well as shining in TTM. I don’t think he’s the best actor of his age group but there is something soulful and charming about him I really like.

Compared to original version lead Bolin Chen, I think there’s a gap but it’s not Lee Jin Wook’s fault but more Bolin’s incredible depth and breadth of acting talent. ITWY just tapped into a bit of it but Bolin is really a movie star more than a drama actor. I don’t know the chances of either Lee Jin Wook or Ha Ji Won confirming 7000 Days so don’t count your eggs before they hatch with this latest casting news considering the amount of casting changes going on these days.


Lee Jin Wook May Pine 7000 Days for Ha Ji Won in Korean In Time With You — 41 Comments

  1. This role would be so similar to his INR2 one, I cannot see why he would take it. But, duh, of course, who says no to starring opposite HJW?

    By the way, I liked INR2.

  2. I wouldn’t mind it a bit. I like him in NTT and TTM. And yes, there’s something about Lee Jin Wook that I couldn’t quite explain but he is “soulful and charming” indeed.

  3. OMG, YES! This is my dreeeaaaaaam pairing. These two would be so hott together, the only downside is that their chemistry may be so intense as to render the whole “long-term friends, no hookup” a little unbelievable. Don’t care, though. Yaaaasssss.

  4. I will watch it no matter who stars opposite Ha Ji Won or what the story is about if Ha Ji Won confirms taking up this drama. Lee Jin Wook is fine and I think he’ll look good with HJW.

  5. i like lee jin wook enough for him to star opposite HJW. Yes, he indeed has something unique appeal or his own acting style that set apart him with other actors.I like and heartbroken so much during scene in NTT where he is surprised about the heroin already forgot all their romance memories but still keep his cool facade to hide his real emotion for the sake of heroin. Oh my god! I can already imagine lee jin wook as lin da ren!!

  6. I’ve only seen Lee Jinwook in Myungwol’s Spy, and I rooted for him to be with Han Yeseul. Aside from that project, I’ve yet to see him in another drama so I can’t see him as the lovelorn Lin Da Ren. I was rooting for Gong Yoo as the korean Li Da Ren though. I can’t even see Ha Jiwon as You Qing either. Either way, I hope the k-version is at least as close as good or even better than the original.

  7. Unexpected choice but it’s so perfect. He even has that same aura and looks a bit like Bolin Chen! I am pumped for this collaboration. Seriously!

  8. I guess in the Korean movie “Miss Granny” the role that lee jin wook played, the same role was played by bolin chen in its chinese remake “20 once again”. I have not seen both the movies, just saw the trailers. God! It seems Lee jin wook is destined to step in Bolin Chen shoes (as Bolin chen did in the chinese remake of Miss Granny) lol πŸ˜‰
    whoever it is! I seriously don’t care as long as Ha ji won is the female lead. I have watched all her dramas and really look forward to this one! πŸ™‚

  9. I’ve never seen him in anything before so I can’t judge. I’m mostly interested in seeing what changes they’ll make to Mag Hsu’s wonderful script.

  10. If Ha Ji Won decides not to do this drama, I hope they cast Yoon Eun Hye. LJW and YEH will burn the screen with their kissing fest. Oh well a girl can always hope πŸ˜€

  11. i love ha ji won in everything especially in hwang ji ni. that saguek drama full show her capability. many her fans just know her through secret garden, empress ki and king 2heart. ha ji won has capability to uplift her co-stars to another level. that the reason lee seung gi and ji chang wook best performance are alongside ha ji won. i am eager to know how she can upgrade lee jin wook acting performance and make him more famous. fighting!

    • You’re right, most people only know her from her recent dramas, but Hwang Jini was spectacular. I also loved Damo and What Happened in Bali was…well hahaha it wasn’t bad. The story was frustrating the but the acting was top notch. She does really bring out the best in her leading men, including Binnie. I’m sure she could bring out the best in Lee Jin Wook too.

      • yes.. what happened in bali. but the ending..lol.. sometimes i always feel all her dramas were given more credit to her co-star like hyun bin got daesang for secret garden, jo in sung got daesang for what happened in bali, lee seung gi ang ji chang wook overpraised by international fans but they forgetting hajiwon performance make the drama great. that is the reason i appreciate hwang ji ni so much.

      • So agree! Her leading men gets more popular and love by many. That’s the magic with Ha Ji Won. πŸ™‚ And yes, I too love Damo, Hwang Jini and What Happened in Bali. Her latest drama Empress Ki actually is a BIG hit in asian countries including the Philippines.

  12. Didn’t consider him at all, but I could totally see this working! I like Lee jin wook though there are definitely more famous stars out there.

    I think they would have good chemistry. I really hope, that Hjw’s exes will be cameos by her drama co-stars, like LSG, JIS, SJS, it would be so cool!

  13. Waw..unexpected! Eventhough I prefer Gong Yoo, So Ji Sub or Eric, I think he could be good choice too. The male character also not too complicated either and pretty similar with his INR2. Anyway, whoever the casts, I hope the storyline is nice. We can’t rely on the stars power only, it seems.

  14. I’m looking forward to this one if the pair is confirmed for the OTP. I like both of them who have great control of their onscreen emotions. Ockoala, thanks for the update and please keep us posted for any exciting development. I rely heavily on your recommendation of good dramas with good writers/PDs and promising cast.

    • lol.. i suggest you doesn’t rely too much to ockoala recommendation. sometime you will scratch your head for thinking why ockoala recommend some drama you cannot stomach the script or acting..

  15. I think this will be ok. It’s not what I was pining for (Gong Yoo), but I think they will be cute together and Ha Ji Won has chemistry with ALL of her male costars so I believe she would bring the very best out in him. I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it. I just want to see HJW in a romcom again!

  16. I like Lee Jin Wook but the casting is just so wrong. Why on Earth did Korean producers decide to make characters older that they were in the Taiwanese original? Whoever wrote Korean script doesn’t get this drama at all.

  17. Ha Ji won is very likeable and I think that’s the reason she does well in most dramas (besides solid acting chops) and how she “uplifts” many of her co-stars.
    It’s impt that she is casted more than who is going to be Li da ren.
    Chen you Qing is a very unlikeable character IMO (half the time in the show I wanted to slap Her and she is undeserving of da ren to say the least) but what worked was that ariel Lin had the acting chops and the likeability factor, hence the audience seung her way. It will be impt for this drama to work.
    Lee jin wok is ok, but there are couple of names that are better. But most of them including him will do, But switch ha Ji won out, it might be a much uphill battle

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