Shin Mina Signs On for SBS Summer Rom-com Will You Have Dinner with Me

Either the script is awesome or Shin Mina is simply ready for a dramaland return, whatever the reason she’s made life easier for drama lovers by agreeing to star in upcoming SBS drama Will You Have Dinner With Me (Let’s Have Dinner Together). New broke about her considering the offer only last week but she isn’t the thumb twiddling type and makes her decisions decisively. Dinner is based on a popular webtoon and will delve into the romance and career details about urban Seoul-ites in their late 20s and early 30s.

The production has further announced that the leading man will be someone of Shin Mina’s top star level, which is a bold proclamation that I will only believe when I see the actor that ends up being cast. Adapting the manhwa to the small screen will be screenwriter Go Yoon Hee who recently penned The Greatest Wedding. Dinner is still a long ways from hitting the television sets, with SBS scheduling the drama for Wed-Thurs following Mask with Su Ae and Joo Ji Hoon, which will take over for the currently airing The Girl Who Sees Smells.

Shin Mina has many more movies under her belt than K-dramas, so there are tons of top male stars she hasn’t worked with on the small screen before. For this particular drama, a few names immediately come to mind like Eric, So Ji Sub, and Jo In Sung, any one of these leading men would rock my world if cast in this drama with Shin Mina.


Shin Mina Signs On for SBS Summer Rom-com Will You Have Dinner with Me — 38 Comments

  1. Finally someone who confirms without trolling for weeks till no end. Yay for some normalcy. Now I think I want Rain to reunite with her LOL! They were love in ALTK and I’m still devastated with the ending of that.

  2. “The production has further announced that the leading man will be someone of Shin Mina’s top star level”-It would be a lot more assuring if they included a star writer instead! but no,they went and gave the job to the writer of ‘The Greatest Wedding!’ To be fair, I haven’t watched that drama but the reviews I read were enough to make me apprehensive about the ability of the writer.I fear for my Shin Min Ah *sigh*

    • Crap. I couldn’t last the first two episodes of “The Greatest Marriage” without cringing. I’m sorry but if she’s the writer for this drama then I’m out. Sorry Shin Mina. I really hope that writer doesn’t screw you up. Why do SBS tends to give inexperienced writer (she only has 1 drama under her and it’s the crappiest drama ever) drama who casts top stars? Shouldn’t SBS learn this from “Hyde, Jekyll, and Me”?

  3. YES! One of my favorite Kdrama actresses back on the small screen! So happy! I can never get enough of her. Fingers crossed for a totally awesome leading man who is worthy of her – not many are!

  4. An actor of her star level? My bet is on either Jo In Sung or So Ji Sub. The latter has been absent for a long time. It’s time to come back, Master.

  5. The writer of The Greatest Marriage? I hope my oppa isn’t cast. Although a really great cast, great chemistry, great OST, great directing can somewhat make up for mediocre writing

  6. WTH that writer of Greatest Marriage.. the webtoon must be Shin Minah’s personal favourite for her to agree working with this nugu and bad writer.

  7. Oh boy… I swear after seeing what happened over Hyde, I am apprehensive all over. I have seen TGM and while the writing wasn’t terrible, it wasn’t good. The thought of webtoon, sbs, lacking writer, good leads with star power = recipe for complete disaster. I love shin Mina so I really hope she’s paired with someone like JiS or SJS… I will only believe it when I see it.

  8. I am so happy with Shin Min-Ah accepting the role. I am so thrilled with the culinary aspect of the drama. I hate that they give the script writing to the write of The Greatest Wedding. I watched it all for the leads, and really hated this drama because of the script. I pray that she does a better job here.. sigh. Please – No Eric. Because of the writer I don’t even want to think of actors I love… sigh..

    • Why do you hate Eric that much? Because his background as an idol? Personally I think he’s better actor. But, yeah it’s your opinion to put the best name to be paired with her.

    • It’s your preference to dislike Eric for whatever reason. I think he’s a good actor despite his idol background. I love Jo In Syung & So Ji Sub to pair up with Mina but Eric definitely has the charisma and charm to be Mina’s leading man too.

      If Eric isn’t too busy with Shinhwa and their company, I’d love to see him more often on my TV screen. He was great in Discovery of Love.

  9. So Ji Sub and Jo In Sung phleaaaseee as the male lead~ I have a problem with the writer, The Greatest marriage is a bomb. *Facepalm

  10. I’m kind of imagining someone younger than most people’s suggestions. Though no names really pop out at me right now.

    The Greatest Marriage is based on a novel, so maybe the writer isn’t totally to blame for the drama. Though she could have also ruined the novel, who knows.

    • Gah, I really hope not. Other than JCW possibly, I’ll pick the hotter, smexier, muuch better actors in their 30s over the obvious 20-something bunch available rn. Come to think of it, lots of them haven’t done a drama lately. Damn.

      • Idk, when the drama is about people in their late 20’s to early 30’s, I don’t picture men pushing 40 as the leading man, but I guess we’ll see lol

      • True, but then no one said anything about anyone close to their 40s. The names being suggested are JIS, SJS, Gong Yoo, Rain, Eric etc. I’d throw in Jang Hyuk and Jung Woo Sung in the mix because I love them and think they’d look great with SMA. But really, I think most of the real drama fans would want them over the obvious 20-something non-actors available rn.

    • The first name that came to my mind was Kim Woo Bin (because I am so looking forward to his first leading role). I know he is young but she looks so young. I think they would look really good together.

      • But kinda like young brother and older sister. There is something similar about their faces. I don’t know what. Also, they could create solid chemistry with write script. ‘Cause YYS and Kang Sora also give similar sister-brother vibe. Maybe we need something like that… But, don’t like writer. I don’t think she could pull it of naturally, so I wanna Shin Minah with someone her age.

  11. Yey! Shin Min Ah is back!! She’s one of the most trusted actress when it comes to drama…

    As for the male lead, it’s jo in sung, Song Seung Hun, so ji sub, jung woo sung, Hyun Bin and Kang Dong Won (I know this is an impossible dream but I’ve been obsessing over KDW for the past few days so I wanna see him back in dramaland.)

  12. Lee Seung Gi I hope. Really hope SBS will offer LSG the male lead to act alongside with Shin Mina before his enlistmwent

  13. My TOP 3 choices are Gong Yoo, So Ji Sub or Won Bin. I know the last one is next to impossibly but I loved their chemistry in the TOP coffee commercial ads and think it’s a shame that we haven’t gotten the opportunity to see them paired up in a drama/movie project.

  14. Facepalm… The Greatest Marriage writer? Oh boy. I watched that drama purely for Park Si Yeon but all the other characters drove me nuts. Hope this time it won’t be as bad for Shin Min Ah’s sake.

  15. If she signed so early like this, means the script might be good and interesting. I don’t mind with Koala’s choice. Eric, So Ji Sub, Jo In Sung are all are my favorite. But I think Eric won’t be casted since he’s still promoting his group. Gong Yoo will be okay but he’s still busy with his movie promotion. Jo In Sung and So Ji Sub are available. Or maybe suddenly the other name will come out like In Time with You’s case XD

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