L Joins SBS Drama The Time I Loved You as the Young Office Stud Out to Charm Ha Ji Won

Despite filming already underway for The Time I Loved You (The Time We Were Not in Love), I thought the late additions to the cast was complete when the production added talented newbie actress Choo Soo Hyun as the second female lead. Looks like there is one more surprise in the works as news broke today that Infinite‘s L (Kim Myung Soo) will also be making an appearance in this upcoming SBS weekend drama. There were murmurings that Yoon Kyun Sang‘s character was intended to be the K-version equivalent of the much younger work colleague that makes a play for the leading lady but I always heard he was just a new character all along.

Turns out my inkling was right as L is confirmed to make a limited but hopefully memorable appearance as the character called Nic in the original TW-drama In Time With You played by David Hsu. Nic was a very intense young office worker who seemed way more mature than his age, and way too interested in the leading lady from the get go. I won’t give away the Nic twist but it’s a role that earned David a lot of well-deserved attention and definitely stands out as a memorable detour in the leading lady’s bumpy road to finding lasting love. L will be making a play for Ha Ji Won in a way that doesn’t even worry me with the real life age difference which is built into the story line not to mention Ha Ji Won has killer chemistry with much younger men.

I think it’s a super smart move for L to take on guest starring or even limited episode parts in dramas to continue building his acting resume. Even on his best day or outing, such as in My Lovely Girl, he’s still a pretty stiff and limited actor. I really enjoyed his character in MLG which went a long ways to smoothing over his acting constraints but it’s hard to always land on likable characters so if he wants to continue acting then he needs to step up his game. What better way to practice than in a supporting role where he can keep on learning from seasoned sunbaes.


L Joins SBS Drama The Time I Loved You as the Young Office Stud Out to Charm Ha Ji Won — 32 Comments

    • Second! Even criticized for being still in acting, he was way more charming than Krystal and Rain in MLG. LOL….Experienced actors/actress could also have rainy days not able to live out the shining image as admirable stars. So we don’t have to particularly reside on specific impressions of an actor/actress based on the past drama experience.

  1. His acting wasn’t too great in SUFBB, but he was still quite likable. I am not exactly able to imagine his chemistry with Ha Ji Won but I’m prepared to be pleasantly surprised.

    Surprise me, L.

      • How is it a spoiler when there is already an original drama out there, and koala hasn’t actually given out the real twist (if the character was faithful to the original).

    • C’mon guys…This is a kdrama so the character might be straight in the end. Korean viewers are too conservatives, especially those who wathch on week-ends. So we’ll probably end up with a completely different plot.

  2. Oh well, he surely looks the part, I guess the character he’s playing, if it’s following closely to the TW version isn’t really a difficult one so I think he’s going to pull it off nicely 🙂 I’m a big fan of INFINITE, so I’m glad boy’s getting some minor roles in big productions to sharpen those acting skills.

    On a sidenote, that’s two boys from INFINITE playing gay characters already? Hmm ..

    • I’m a staunch Inspirit (fandom name) and INFINITE is my ultimate bias idol group. To my knowledge, acting is just a minor sidetrack for these INFINITE guys’ career. Their main focus is still on music since the group is very popular in KPOP world and Korea. We fans all know that it’s part of marketing strategy to get idol group members cast in dramas. It’s been working pretty well this way for other members too, such as Woohyun and Sungyeol in High School Love On. HSLO greatly has obviously boosted the group’s popularity in KPOP industry.

  3. Only enough I think he makes a good Nic. Nic was supposedly dashing that all the women was a but gaga over him, though I am not a fan but I do find L to be devilishly handsome at some angels.

    I am still looking forward to the hunky ex. If they are going to keep Nic then please keep Ding Li Wei too.

    Maybe that’s a bit too many males for our leading lady?

    I can’t complain if we have more eye candy.

    • I’m also lamenting the fact that they took out Ding Li Wei, who played such a crucial part in the plot…I think that’s a huge loss for this production by replacing him with the cliche and overcast role of a chaebol. I’m not a fan of L or his acting, but if he’s only in it for 3 episodes as Nic’s character then I can let it slide.

    • Well I don’t like his acting and could care less if he looks good or not. So long as he doesn’t screw up even that small role.

    • not really, he actually has a lot of dedicated haters who hate him even for the things he is not bad at and the things he doesn’t do.

  4. LOL…L took a small part of the cast with limited screen time because of the following reasons:
    1. INFINITE, as a group, is coming back with new music release in the summer. They’ve been in intensive pre comeback training and preparation for this huge event. It’s a similar situation as another INFINITE member Hoya taking a minor role in Mask because of conflict of schedules.
    2. It’s been well known in Kpop world that casting idol groups’ members in dramas are one of the best marketing strategies to boost the groups’ popularity and therefore music sale. Drama is just an avenue to gain fame and help out promote idol groups. Only a few idols take it seriously to move on as serious actors/actresses. So Kpop fans don’t care so much to measure their acting skills. HSLO is an example that has greatly greatly boosted INFINITE’s popularity among Kpop fans. Many new fangirls have become a fan of INFINITE because they first time watched Woohyun and Sungyeol in HSLO.

    I wasn’t so much interested in this K adaption of ITWY because I’ve bored watching the male lead in the Three Musketeers even Ha Ji Wan is the female lead. But LOL…I’ll give the drama a shot because of L. I’m a hardcore fan of INFINITE and love all their music, dance, and style. I’m actually a rabid fan, if you prefer to call me that way. LOL….Be careful not to mock my INFINITE boys in any case….hahahahaha …I’ll do anything to shut you up. LOL

    • You basically just pointed out why people hate casting idols. Not making a good case for L here.

      1. Ha Ji Won is not in Three Musketeers.
      2. Ha Ji Won is an A lister with a solid track record of successful dramas, there is no need for Idols to appear.

      L is lucky to have been cast in a role that will have him in close contact with Ha Ji Won for at least 2-3 episodes. I liked Nic from the original and like L in the only two drama’s I watched him in so I’m looking forward to it.

      • When did I say Ha Ji Wan was in TTM? I said the male lead was and I got really bored of watching him. Ha Ji Wan is among my all-time faves…LOL…Respond before you clearly following what I was saying. Don’t get worked up just because I basically stated facts. That’s how it works in K entertainment regardless of whether you like it or not.

    • Wow…so you do like L’s acting who’s not a real actor but not the TTM’s leading actor who’s by the way a true actor?! What a bizarre comment! Isn’t that a bit too biased? I don’t mind for anyone to love any entertainer so long as they don’t compare eneven things or/and persons. It’s fun being a groupie of idols and bands but talking about acting is a whole different (and difficult for that matter) case.

      • Where did I say I liked L’s acting? Huhhhh? Read my comment again carefully. I basically just listed the facts and reasons why L will take part in a small role of this drama at this time, not because it’s beneficial for his acting career as what Ms Ockoala conceives. And it’s my personal choice to choose what I want to watch based on whatever reasons. At times, I watch a drama because of interesting plot/directing and serious acting. But Other times I just want to take a look of how my idols are doing in dramas. If my personal preference offends you so much, that only implies you’re a very narrow minded person who can’t accommodate different opinions. What the heck one drama fan has to 100% agree with another drama fan in preference and taste. What the heck!????

      • Despite the reason why idols get to be cast in dramas and that INFINITE do focus on the music and their group first and foremost (it’s their main job), try not to speak as if you know what L’s own goals are. He may genuinely want to gain experience as much as he can because of his own interest and build that resume. Considering the shit he gets and the same accusations over and over about his acting, he has every reason not to continue, but he does.

    • A bit too much frustration, perhaps? Chill out…No one knows anyone on a personal basis, either an idol or an actor, nor even each other on this blog. Everyone has biases and it’s certainly not healthy nor rational for all of us to share the same taste. It does look peculiar though, putting an idol and an older actor in the same sentence. Keep calm and peace out, man…

      • It’s you irrationally responding to my comment and twisting my statement. So you should calm yourself down first just because I said something not in favor of an actor you like (I guess?). I don’t like that lead male actor. I just got fed up with him in TTM. That’s my personal taste. How peculiar is it? There must be other fans who feel the same as I do. And on what basis couldn’t I say what would really draw me to watch a drama? LOL…I’ve been a loyal reader of Ockoala’s blog for a while. Basically most of her loyal readers are very reasonable and respect one another for different opinions. This is the first time I read a response that could so quickly judge and put down another reader’s comments without using logic.

  5. I really dislike the whole “likable character” BS. The fact of the matter is that Si Woo wouldn’t be as likable if the actor himself did not bring him to life on screen and wasn’t charming. An interpretation of a character can be played differently depending on the actor/actress (case in point, Dumbledore in the HP films). Give L credit where it’s due and stop excusing how he did justice and pulled it off to Si Woo being “likable”. HE did a swell job despite assumed limitations, period.

    I seriously believe sometimes people have an issue about admitting he’s not that bad of an actor as others bandwagon him to be. It’s like they want him to fail.

    I know his weaknesses of course. He tends to get comfortable over time and does improve as the drama goes on. Unfortunately, it tends to reset with every role he gets. It’s like he’s getting rid of the first day jitters that goes on for the first two episodes or so and then when that’s done, he starts to progress. In this case, he only has three episodes, so he doesn’t have the luxury of getting smoother as it goes by anymore. It has to be straight decent from the beginning or else no dice.

    • Thank you. You really give L well-thought justice about his acting. I don’t want to defend him unreasonably just because I’m a hardcore fan of INFINITE. But to be fair, he did do well in some dramas and not so much in others. My Lovely Girl is among those dramas that I think he did act charmingly and befit that idol role pretty well perhaps he’s an idol celebrity himself in real life. Also regarding my previous post, I’m not speaking for L about why he took a minor role in this upcoming drama. Basically I stressed that’s my personal opinion as a hardcore fan of INFINITE (my Kpop bias). Basically, every member except the leader and maknae has been taking major or minor roles in dramas. The result, many new fans got to know the group because of their dramas. And we Kpop fans all know that’s a very common marketing strategy. Regardless of L’s personal career goal or plan, the label company wouldn’t let him be cast by any drama if that didn’t do any good to profit the company.

      • I don’t know why people are going at him as if Korean acting isn’t over exaggerated facial expressions and emphasized tones half the time. Maybe if it was high class Hollywood or decent Western drama acting, but going at idols in consideration of the actual actors/actresses and their delivery is a circle jerk. Away from that pet peeve of Korean dramas, the guy, a naturally awkward guy, was thrust into the acting world without literally any experience. Without acting lessons. Now I don’t know who’s bright idea was that, but that’s how it went down.

        He’s improving and working on it, and instead of others being judgmental, maybe they should be more objective and stop trashing him. That’s exactly what makes him nervous and makes him have dread to begin a new drama. He was practically scared when he knew he was going to be in The Master’s Sun cause of the pressure it can have on him doing well and the possible incoming flack he would more than likely get for it. A little encouragement can go a long way, bastards.

        You can tell he does better in INFINITE MVs because he’s at a more comfortable and less stressful environment.

        Reading comments from a lot of drama sites, majority had no trouble with his acting and loved Siwoo in turn. He’s not the best actor in the world, but he can handle himself to an extent. It’s those that can’t let go of their impressions on him on whatever role he had that they’ve seen that forbid them from having a clear mind. I’m not sure how he’ll do in these three episodes, saw the pictures and he seemed rather intimidated, but we’ll see.

        As for the company bit, that, I understand. I couldn’t get you beforehand.

      • I think he did a decent job in Flower Boy Band. I did not know INFINITE back then when I watched that drama. But I like his character and his acting in FBB. He’s not someone with innate serious acting skills. But ppl have to admit he’s got some special aroma on screen that appeals to many fans. As to INFINITE MVs, it’s music and dance that really matter. A bit of story telling in any music videos do not really weigh much. I never care a bit about how a singer/dancer acts in a music vid. That’s just not a factor to me AT ALL.

        Drama preference like music, is all very subjective and tailored to audience of different tastes. While people rave about Misaeng and Punch, I just can’t stick through the last episode and quit watching early on the 1st or 2nd ep. I love historical dramas such as Faith and Jumong while others think these two are either cheesy, wacky, or boring. Who cares? It’s me to decide what I like to watch and enjoy during my free time. Similarly, I like Ji Chang Wook in Healer and Lee Min Ho in City Hunter as well as Faith, and Kim Soo Hyun in The Moon Embraces the Sun. But I hate Lee Min Ho in the Heirs and not so much swoon over Kim Soo Hyun in My Love from the Stars as many other KSH fans. People just please don’t preach me over what or who is better than the other. Neither will I look down those who happen to like certain actors/actresses whom I’ll shun away from. It’s all by personal choice. As long as we fans all understand this basic rule in the entertainment market, we won’t get offended by ppl with different opinions.

        Besides, I never take K drama seriously as I do to European dramas such as some British, Italian, or French films. If I need to watch any drama for serious acting, script writing,and directing, I usually look among European films or An Lee’s movies. To me honest, I never watch Asian dramas to anticipate that kinda levels. For me, K dramaland is just a very good place for me to loosen up my nerves that are always stretched up to the extreme at work.

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