Lee Min Ho Goes on a Roman Holiday in Ferraro Rocher Ad Campaign

This is one match made in sweet heaven. Lee Min Ho recently became the spokesmodel for Italian chocolate brand Ferrero Rocher, of the round golden foil wrap fame that nearly everyone must recognize since the product is sold at every airport and gift shop around the world. I find the selection of Lee Min Ho to hawk the product a great synergy because he gives off the same vibe for me – safe, tasty, with a mass appeal.

Ferraro is basically the Starbucks of gift chocolates, and Lee Min Ho as a K-star has that similar type of solid and non-edgy appeal, and if one wants some Blue Bottle joe rather than Starbucks then head right on over. Both can coexist in harmony if you ask me. For the Ferraro ad campaign, Lee Min Ho went over to Rome, Italy for the entire shoot, dressed in a true blue suit with a chocolate colored tie, nicely accentuating his long lean frame and pairing nicely with his warm smile.


Lee Min Ho Goes on a Roman Holiday in Ferraro Rocher Ad Campaign — 8 Comments

  1. The thing with LMH is that his verstile in looks and can change 90% degrad for any appeal asked of him. his a very professional model.

    Even his personality is neutral? some artists can go both ways either macho or not. that dosen’t apply to him at all.. he can fit in both roles very well. example like Gangnam blues posters appeal pretty high stuff macho and then again tune down. he can swift on and off. his the perfect shapeshifter imo and can even change with one hairstyle 90% degrad in his look. His born to model because you want to get out of your model all kinda of different looks and thats what LMH is his a walking different looks

  2. I french must be next since I’m from france myself won’t mind seeing minho endorse something in the parisien flair. bonjour miseur Minho

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