Moorim School with Lee Hyun Woo Holds Script Reading and Starts Filming for Early 2016 Premiere

Filming is underway for early 2016 KBS drama Moorim School, with Moorim the Korean version for the Chinese phrase Wu Lin (武林) which means the world of martial arts and chivalry used in the wuxia stories. Moorim School aims to be pre-produced and international in casting scope, with the students of this fictional Moorim High School coming from many countries and all gathered together to learn not just academic success but personal growth, i.e. how to be a good person.

Directing is the PD of Prime Minister and I, Baby-faced Beauty, and Ad Genius Lee Tae Bak, and writing is the screenwriter of the daily drama The Tale of Two Sisters. All I know from the cast is leads Lee Hyun Woo and Seo Ye Ji as well as veteran actor Shin Hyun Joon, but I think the cast must consist of idols and such have fun trying to spot familiar faces from music and variety trying their hands at dramas. Moorim School airs on KBS in January 2016 after Oh My Venus.


Moorim School with Lee Hyun Woo Holds Script Reading and Starts Filming for Early 2016 Premiere — 18 Comments

      • You may regret, just saying. I watched this drama as a filler out out of boredom from all other K dramas while waiting for more C dramas to come out. But now I’m hooked. The topic is interesting not following usual K drama cliches that are predictable. These young cast, specifically the female lead (don’t know her name though), are fun to watch. I usually don’t give a shit to DB. (Dramabean? I guess. And this is my personal opinion, so folks, please don’t launch personal immoral attack on me bcos I offend you by speaking lowly of your beloved blog site, DB.) Same as Pamella Ordonez, now I’m waiting for each episode to be uploaded and subbed on This is the only K drama I’m watching other than Cheese in the Trap. But personally I like Moorim School better in terms of storyline.

    • I think this was the very cool character of Lee Hyun Woo of all the time…I really waiting it’s every episode….

  1. I always wonder if Lee Hyun Woo doesn’t get any more interesting drama offers?! I mean I will check this one out but it’s definitely not like I’m excited for it.

  2. I feel conflicted hmm I find the guys at the back interesting than the ones that are in front which is I think is bad because the people in front are the main leads but maybe the ones in the front knows how to act “not sure” because I am so not familiar with anyone.

  3. Just started to watch this drama as a filler out of boredom while waiting for more C dramas to be aired. To my surprise, it’s more interesting than expected. Love all these young cast, specifically the spunky female lead. Also the theme is refreshing among all the Kdrama cliches. I’m also watching Cheese in the Trap at the same time. While the female lead in CitT is pretty impressive and I like her acting A LOT, the drama is still nothing beyond usual K drama romance just with a bit variation in the hero’s personality. But so far, Moorim School fairs pretty well in rating, I guess. This kinda action dramas are nothing special in C drama genre, but it seems it’s rare to K audience. My Hyun Woo boy does look like Big Bang GD in some angles. LOL

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