Hwang Jung Eum Ties the Knot with Star Friends in Attendance at Her Wedding

K-actress Hwang Jung Eum just put the cherry on top of what has been a phenomenal year professionally for her. It started off with the unexpected success of Kill Me Heal Me and was followed up with the even more unexpected success of She Was Pretty. The took home lots of awards at the MBC year end drama awards and shortly thereafter revealed that she was in a new relationship and was planning to get married. This Saturday in Seoul, Hwang Jung Eum tied the knot with her non-entertainment industry boyfriend, and in attendance were many industry colleagues and friends, including her last two costars Ji Sung and Park Seo Joon. I’m not a fan of either wedding dress she wore, the one for the media appearance or the one to exchange vows, but it’s her big day so as long as she liked it then I’m thrilled for her. Congrats to the happy couple!


Hwang Jung Eum Ties the Knot with Star Friends in Attendance at Her Wedding — 13 Comments

  1. I like her wedding dress, but not so much for the one she wore for the press conference. Congrats to her anyways! It’s been a great year for her!

    • Probably nerves. She can’t smile like a love sick goon in front of so many ppl and media. That’s what i noticed about a korean celebrity wedding. They need to look composed and elegant.

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