Bickering Posters and Promos for Chanyeol and Yuan Shan Shan’s C-movie So I Married an Anti-fan

There’s a certain amount of ambivalence and hesitation with respect to upcoming Chinese Korean movie So I Married an Anti-fan, a project that went from promisingly cute to avoid like the plague after it got cast. It’s adapted from a manhwa of the same name with the concept that an anti-fan cohabits with the idol she hates and they end up bickering their way to love, basically an updated version of Full House except with less grand theft real estate larceny by friends involved.

Then the powers that be cast an EXO member I’m not familiar with in Chanyeol and added a C-actress I am familiar with and can’t stand in Yuan Shan Shan, and suddenly I felt it safer to exit right. The drama filmed for the last six months and the trailer and promos are out for a schedule June 30th premiere, pretty fast as far as movie making goes but likely appealing to the mercurial audience of K-pop loving fans. It actually looks alright so maybe it won’t turn out to be a trainwreck, so for those game to check out a potentially interesting movie this might be up your alley.

Trailer for So I Married an Anti-fan:


Bickering Posters and Promos for Chanyeol and Yuan Shan Shan’s C-movie So I Married an Anti-fan — 8 Comments

  1. Yuan Shan Shan looks fine in this really. I think people are overreacting. She isn’t bad at acting. She just happened to be a favourite of everyone’s most hated producer Yu Zheng that’s why.

  2. Oh, are they going to leave Chanyeol’s voice undubbed? In the trailer, the Mandarin he is speaking has an “accent” to it, but it doesn’t quite seem like his voice though.

    • It sounds like they are dubbing his voice, but the voice actor is doing an accent when he speaks to make the dubbing sound more authentic. For short sentences though, like “你干嘛” in the trailer, they seem to use Chanyeol’s actual voice.

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