Ha Ji Won Ravishing in Red in January 2017 Edition of Jessica Magazine

In what will go down as one of the weirdest intersections of politics and entertainment news, the supremely random reveal a few months ago that beleaguered South Korean President Park Geun Hye used the fake and thoroughly improbable name of Gil Ra Im to receive beauty treatments at a clinic. Through no fault of her own, poor Ha Ji Won went from A-list actress to butt of jokes for playing said character Gil Ra Im in the hit drama Secret Garden.

But like all sudden winds this one came and went and Ha Ji Won is back to being just a top Korean actress as she promoted her thriller romance movie Risking Life for Love costarring Bolin Chen and Chung Jung Myung. It’s a Chinese-Korean joint production so Ha Ji Won made several trips to the Chinese-speaking countries for movie promos, and with it she’s gracing the cover and pages of HK beauty magazine Jessica in a solo red spread. I love all the pics especially the mirror image one that shows off her beauty from differing angles


Ha Ji Won Ravishing in Red in January 2017 Edition of Jessica Magazine — 13 Comments

  1. HJW’s aura and charm is no joke… though she’s not the most beautiful our there, still she attracts IDK what to call it! her image does really fit to be in the industry. Chameleon beauty.

  2. whoooaaa she exude charisma. very beautifull indeed. the top picture is the best. deep red.
    cant wait the movie ..
    I think korean make up trend right now is white like ghost or something, cos I saw a lot of k celebs supporting that..

  3. ever since shes my favorite korean actress her movie when she was young is 100 days with arrogant man she is so cute there all her movies are nice i love her she is a good actress.. she is very charming 🙂

  4. the campaign is all about the “Scarlet Woman”, “Lady in Red”, or Lucifer herself as most people are not aware, now you know, go and search!

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