Signal Writer Kim Eun Hee Coming Back with K-drama About Zombies in Joseon Era

Fans of tense well-written thriller dramas have something to look forward to by year end, and same goes for fans of zombie flicks. K-drama writer Kim Eun Hee, who penned Signal, 3 Days, Phantom, and Sign, is writing a script a upcoming drama about zombies in Joseon. This is different than the movie being produced about zombies in Joseon that is courting Hyun Bin to star which I wrote about earlier.

So it appears the genre zombies in Joseon is about to become a thing, and I see the rush to capitalize on zombies this year thanks to the hit Train to Busan. Kim Eun Hee’s zombies in Joseon drama will be called Kingdom and directing is the movie PD Kim Sung Hoon who directed Ha Jung Woo in the trapped in a mountain movie Tunnel. Kingdom will head into filming middle of 2017 and be fully pre-produced, with airing rights not on a network but instead on a streaming site.

Kim Eun Hee has apparently been wanting to do a zombie story and always got rejected so this is a dream come true for her. Kingdom will be about the lives of Joseon era folks who must battle zombies to survive, which isn’t all that different from 2015 dramas such as Scholar Who Walks the Night when Joseon era folks had to battle vampires to survive.


Signal Writer Kim Eun Hee Coming Back with K-drama About Zombies in Joseon Era — 6 Comments

  1. I really hate Netflix. They’re blocked in my country because of tax matter, and also block access from VPN/proxy users. This is how an US company cause pain in emerging countries.

  2. I’m a sucker for thriller and zombie genre, looking forward to her perspective in Joseon era I guess, which is kind of new and weird

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