Suzy is Feminine and Dreamy in New Jewelry Pictorial

SBS is gearing up for While You Were Sleeping next week to take over the Wed-Thurs time slot and hopefully bring the network back to a ratings win. Leading lady Suzy has been decent enough in promos though it’s impossible to judge on snippets alone, but one thing that’s clear is that her character is the usual spunky type that gets all up in Lee Jong Seok’s grill and then warms her way into his heart. With her short hair, in most of the scenes, her style is vastly different than the romantic and feminine look in her latest jewelry pictorial for Didier Dubot. I like all three looks, from sensual to mature to girlish, with the only drawback being I don’t focus on the jewelry pieces because of its delicate styles so it doesn’t really accomplish the goal of the CF as much as it makes Suzy look really pretty.


Suzy is Feminine and Dreamy in New Jewelry Pictorial — 14 Comments

  1. I always find jewerly CF funny because they never look natural. I mean the posing of the model to show the all of jewerly nevery looks natural.

    But she’s beautiful on these pictures.

  2. But she is too far from being ‘dreamy’. She looks rather uncomfortable.
    And where is the ‘jewellery’?
    Young starlets should take a cue from Shin Min Ah or Jun Ji Hyun. They make ugliest poses look beautiful.

  3. This is the first Suzy pictorial I don’t like, she is usually a cameras dream come true but she looks awkward here. I hope she isn’t losing her touch.

  4. the last picture looks like she’s tired of the world. Anyway, is she advertising jewellery, or her face? I guess she took that drama to remain as the CF queen. Read somewhere that she is the top ten highest CF earner.

  5. She is beautiful.But if the pictorial was to showcase the jewellery.Then they failed miserably.The lighting is all wrong.The shots do not zoom in to capture the jewellery.All we are seeing is a pretty girl making really uncomfortable poses.It would work of they said she was modelling the dresses.

    But more importantly, I really really hope for her sake that she has worked on her acting skills for her upcoming drama.Because if its the same as last year or the years before that, then she should consider just focusing on CF, magazine shoots and singing.Sheis besutiful, she would still get hired as a high profile model without staying into acting.Otherwise she will end up like Kim Tae Hee…top beauty star celebrity who cant act and become a punching bag for kdrama netizens every time they are cast in a drama.

    And especially this upcoming drama, if it flops or does ok but less than satisfactory ratings…LJS fans will bury her like Jin Se Yeon after Doctor Stranger…

    • I barely noticed the jewelry but the pictorial is pretty.

      LJS’s dramas are hardly hits either, usually averages around 10-11% ratings, just slightly better than UF so if this new drama doesn’t do well, it’s not necessarily because of Suzy’s acting.

  6. i think Kim tae hee is a better actress than Suzy. I enjoyed watching My Princess… And what kind of education has Suzy achieved? Suzy is no where near comparison to KTH… imho… just saying…

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