SHINee’s Jonghyun Passes Away at Age 28 in Likely Suicide

This is such terrible and sad news and I’m bereft to have to write another passing away news update for K-ent so soon yet again. K-news is reporting and has been confirmed agency SM Entertainment that idol Jonghyun (Kim Jong Hyun) of boy group SHINee has passed away. He was found unconscious in his apartment building and already deceased, with early reports indicating that it was suicide. Jonghyun was only 28 years old in Korean age (27 in the Western calculation) and debuted with SHINee nearly ten years ago and has a very popular fanbase though he never did acting so drama and movie fans may not know him as well. Jonghyun reportedly sent a final text to his sister saying “It’s been too hard. Please send me off. Tell everyone I’ve had a hard time. This is my last goodbye.” Farewell and rest in peace, I’m devastated that he picked this way out and hope his family, friends, and fans can grieve in peace.

Jonghyun passed away of carbon monoxide poisoning, with charcoal braziers burning in a pot in his residence. SM has asked for consideration from the media and announced that his funeral will be private and not open to the media. Sigh, this also feels so much like deja vu from last year in the late fall when Chinese singer-actor Kimi Qiao committed suicide in his residence and he was also only 28 years old when he passed.


SHINee’s Jonghyun Passes Away at Age 28 in Likely Suicide — 34 Comments

  1. I did not even know the guy but his news have been all over my feed on twitter my heart is so heavy depression is a serious issue rip

  2. I’m so sad. My condolences to his family and all close ones. He has openly talked about his depression and openly supported LGBT. I can’t imagine what his sister must be going through. It’s been 6 years but I hope Shin Se Kyung is fine too. She’s right now filming Black Knight in the cold weather and it must be really tough on her too, considering how much they both got hated when their dating news broke. Jonghyun even cried while on his knees on SHINee concert and begged fans to let him live. I hope he was at peace with himself before his departure from this world. Now he is one of the musical legends in the 27-club. All my favorites incidentally..

    • ughh I don’t want to remember those stupid immature delulu fangirls…they attack their oppa’s girlfriend, leave hate comments, demands apology..and yet they dare to say they are a fan..they are toxic..Because of immature fans Jonghyun and other celebrities can’t have a normal relationship..

      • Omg that’s heartbreaking. I never knew this happened. I’m not his fan but it’s just so unfair. It’s such a waste that he decided the best way to end his suffering is to end his life.

      • I hate those immature fans. They are the big reason why their idols can’t live. Not saying that they cause depression, but they sure as hell aren’t helping with their behavior. I really hope that mental health will be taken more seriously in Korea. I read that even Jonghyun’s doctor blamed it on his personality (calling him weak minded) when depression is all about brain chemistry. I can’t help thinking that if he had been taken seriously and he would have gotten help, this could have not ended in tragedy…

    • I still have this unsettling feeling with those fans, I was young and defended him but I get called out as the unloyal fans,
      1st exposure to how bad a fandom can be and it just so bad.

      • I hope more idols stand up for their own rights. Like Hong Ki where he closed his instagram with a text that he’s not his fans’ bf. And Taeyang who even decides to get married when he’s still at the top. True fans have to understand that their idols have a personal life too. They need their own support system to deal with the pressure of their work.

    • Oh my gosh. Those fans r not real fans. N Shin se kyung has such a tough yr she lost hwr grandma while filming BOTWG and now another loss.
      I cant imagine how jonghyun’s family and clpse friends n shinee memebers are goin through. I pray time can heal them a little.

      • awww.. I feel bad for her. She needs a lot of support right now. And quite frankly, I’m one of those who think that she deserves better. She’s not a phenomenal actress but she isn’t hopeless either. Her voice is nice, she’s pretty, her eyes have that sorrow I can’t explain. All she needs is a good drama.

  3. Depression is a silent killer, it’s just horrible and truly wears your soul down and it’s so important to continually reach out and get help from loved ones and medical professionals. It’s a constant battle and Jonghyun fought the good fight.

    I hope he found peace and happiness in his last moments and now in the next life. His immense talent, passion and love for others is what we’ll always remember him for.

  4. Mental illness doesn’t seem to be taken seriously Korea. I was reading articles like “Why would he kill himself with such a good life”. The pressures of fame and freedom it takes away can often be one of the causes. The country needs to start public service education on mental illness.

  5. Its the second time this year, wedding and sudden sad news on the same day.

    He’s even donate his organorgan..

    Jung Joon Young lost two of his close friends in one year.

  6. It’s so sad. I wish we could do over the day and that he made a different decision. As a fan of Shinee, I love my boys so much.. they picked me up whenever I felt down and whenever I had really rough times. Here I was eagerly anticipating their comeback, waking up to this devastating news. I knew that Jonghyun had issues with depression and insomnia; most of his song that he composed on his latest track were somewhat melancholy and indicative of a sensitive, troubled soul. I thought when he left Blue Night, that he was going to focus on his health and happiness; and that he had indeed become better… I didn’t know it was still so bad. RIP dearest Jonghyun, he really was a sweet, pure soul…

  7. It is so sad that another pass away. Depression is a serious issue. May he be free from the inner demons hurting him and rest in peace.

  8. Rest in peace. Depression is such a silent killer. I hope positive things come from his passing, allowing the topic of depression to be openly talked about in all societies, and let these idols to live freely because they are only human.

  9. the pressure of being an idol must be immense. SM only cares for their own profit while not give enough support for these idols… This is so sad. RIP.

  10. Happens so much in this industry in S.K and it reaches a point where you ask the question is worth it. I am of the opinion now probably not.God bless him and all the others.

  11. so so sad may he rest in perfect should really allow idols to retire,date,marry or be in hiatus if they so wishes without any backlash there is a reason why they make such decisions.they are human like us and idol life must be exhausting, stiffling and lonely.

    I hope and pray he find the peace he so wishes for.

  12. My heart aches so much, I had to take a break from the office and cry a little in the bathroom. SHINee introduced me to Kpop, I pretty much grew up with them like many other fans. Starting from their debut Replay days till now, it’s like I’ve lost a brother, another family member. It hurts so so much. We’ve lost a star who shined so bright on the earth but now he is free to shine in the skies. RIP Kim Jonghyun, you will live on in our hearts.

  13. this is heartbreaking and I still can’t process this,
    rest in peace jonghyun
    you did well, more than well, your song is great, I hope you know it too, you are my prize and pride, rest in peace

  14. His friend also shared his farewell letter. It’s just so heartbreaking. He seems to be going through so much and yet nobody’s able to help out.

  15. I was one of the people who keep hoping the news was wrong, but when the realization comes, it comes hard. I was choking and can’t say anything, this young man possess one of the most beautiful voice in Kpop industry, the ability to produce beautiful song.

    Bye Jonghyun-ah…I miss you already…

  16. I’m shocked & deeply saddened by the sudden passing of SHINEE’s Jonghyun. He still had so much ahead of him with his talent, a powerful singer/dancer as a lead singer of Shinee & doing solo performances as well. Its tragic. There are many cruel people out there who contributed to his depression. Rest in peace now Jonghyun. Thank you for all the beautiful entertainment you showed us.

  17. I think a lesson for all of us to learn here. I was thinking about this today in the office and lets all think a little more when we post comments about Cebs that are not that nice..Look we all do it from time to time and it may seem harmless enough to us in jest but we really dont know the true effect it may have on someone.I intend to make the effort for one in all ways of communication so his death has certainly had an impact on me…Lets all be nice to each other and thats a great start to stop this from happening.. Merry Christmas and lots of love to everyone

  18. As someone who is suffering from chronic depression since more than 20 years and Under medication, i understand the letter that he left. Yes medication helps you to survive but not to live . Doctors, family , friends can give some help but it’s only you who must fight the feeling that you are not made for this world , that you’re “un intrus” … So RIP whenever you are.

    • stay strong… I know it too. I’ve been clinically diagnosed for depression 3 years ago. Medication makes me survive a little.

      • Lmao!!! Hard to imagine someone as foul-mouthed and arrogant as you could get depression. Seriously, you sure as hell deserve it for all the “know-it-all” and bitter af comments you post on this site. This is for sure karma.

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