C-netizens Pity Cuckholded Jia Nai Liang for Being a Fool in Love with Cheating Wife Li Xiao Lu

The current cheating scandal in C-ent with married Li Xiao Lu hooking up with rising young rapper PG One is really one for the books on how blatant it is. C-ent is firmly 100% on the side of cuckholded husband Jia Nai Liang, but then also rather pitying him for getting himself into this situation in the first place. Turns out Li Xiao Lu appears to never really want to be him anyways whereas he was crazy madly in love with her. He proposed publicly on stage at an event, and she was apparently reluctant to go on stage when she saw he was about to propose.

When asked later she said she picked him because her parents like him. He loves her so much that he got ten earrings because he knows she likes guys with earrings. Since getting married, he has done ALL the cooking, cleaning, and child rearing so she never has to do any housework. Once he visited her on set and it was raining so he carried her so she didn’t have to get her feet wet. When she comes home tired he brings out a bucket of hot water to soak her feet. Li Xiao Lu clearly has a type and it’s “rapper”, having dated Han Geng before she married Jia Nai Liang, and reportedly hit on Kris many times, so C-netizens are basically calling Jia Nai Liang a poor fool in love who had this coming.


C-netizens Pity Cuckholded Jia Nai Liang for Being a Fool in Love with Cheating Wife Li Xiao Lu — 51 Comments

  1. This is not just cuckolding.. she destroyed his trust and broke her promises. She caused immense pain to her husband and their daughter. All because of her own selfish desires. The guy obviously loved her and absolutely adores his daughter too and valued his family a lot. But she was busy busting some young boy nuts and getting plastic surgery.. what a shame

  2. Cheating should not be an alternative to a divorce, or turning someone down. Only crazy people would say that he had it coming, people with normal feelings wouldn’t think that cheating on a spouse is ok, no matter what.

  3. Don’t think she has a specific type. Han Geng is not a rapper, and she also dated Li Chen. But I find it extremely silly why she has to choose someone her parents like; it’s not as if her parents are the one who has to live with the husband. Also, public proposals are tricky.

    • Agreed. I don’t think she likes rapper types either. I think she prefers to have a dominant partner which doesn’t really describe her husband. It doesn’t validate her actions though. If they were having marriage issues, they should’ve sought a counselor or split amicably. Cheating is unacceptable.

    • Asian parents are generally more involved in their children’s lives, so their kids are also brought up deeply rooted with the idea of filial piety. In any case, its always better to be with someone your parents like

  4. Dang- I feel sorry for him. He sounds like such a nice lad, doing ALL the household chores n all. If whatever is said in this article is true then the wife certainly doesn’t deserve the husband…

      • Only women who are lazy and want to take advantage of their husband would look for guys like that. Good girls would less likely look for guys like that since they can do the housework themselves instead of making the husband do it.

    • I fell sorry for him and hate women who take advantage of their husband like that. If you both work, you both share the housework and child rearing. You do not just sit on your butt and make your husband or wife do it all. I had a feeling she had bad princess syndrome and I was right. I think it is a blessing in disguise for Jia Nailiang to see her true colors or else he will have to suffer for the rest of his life. She does not deserve him as he can find someone better. Hope he divorces her, takes custody of the kid and finds a better woman who will love abd treasure him since he deserves better!

  5. Dang- I feel sorry for him. He sounds like such a nice lad, doing ALL the household chores n all. If whatever said in this article is true then the wife certainly doesn’t deserve the husband…

  6. I feel sorry for him. She is not deserving of his unconditional love, Sure, she reluctantly accepted his marriage proposal because he went public woth it but even to save him from public humiliation in the first place, she could have just broke things up with him soon after rather than doing what she did now, not only humiliating him but also their innocent daughter, the parents and brethens. What she did is far too cruel even when he is really such a fool in love.

    • Exactly! He deserves better and she does not deserve him at all. Li Xiaolu is not suitable for marriage as she would stray and cheat as we can all see. She is not pretty, has princess syndrome, takes advantage of her husband,etc… Jia Nailiang deserves way better. Hope he divorces her and moves on.

  7. Wow, give that man to me! LOL! Not many men in this world would be willing to do all the house chores if that really is true information. Also, shame on those people who said he had it coming!

  8. There are so many women who would have valued his efforts. N if she’s capable hitting a few male artist while she’s married,i think there’s something really wrong with her

  9. She sounds like a girl who can’t do things for herself. Spoiled brat sounds like it. She married because her parents liked him…she doesn’t do anything as a housewife…most importantly cant decide to not marry the man she doesn’t love. It’s an unfortunate situation but I wish him all the best, there are so many women out there who want a man like him, only an idiot girl wouldn’t.

    • she does sound like that if all the gossip is true,
      all I see is a man that trying to win her heart and it’s been going on for years and tied by marriage, she should’ve been honest to him that it doesn’t work but she doesn’t want the trouble cause he provided her with ultimate care.

      • Seriously? She doesn’t want to trouble him because he provided her ultimate care? Can’t this lady take care of herself? Why risk the happiness of your child and lose the trust of your fans just because a man provided you ulitmate care? You just provided the lamest reason for this girl.

      • Add: I really hope that wasn’t the only reason why she married him. It’s true we don’t know these people and shouldn’t judge, he could be the cause of all her trouble, who knows but I’m just disappointed in women who can’t think for themselves. If it’s a no make a no.

    • Like ur comment!
      I was thinking if the daughter is his in the first place? Drama right..but i coudlnt help but think about it with this story of infidelity… Hope he takes the castedy and moves on with his life with his daughter..

  10. I feel bad for him but I wish I didn’t. Because right now I think the last thing he’d need is pity. He’d rather just be alone without the world saying Poor You to him everywhere he goes.

    Still, he’s a celebrity and this is inevitably huge for the media. I just hope they can settle it down quietly. Neither he nor his daughter deserves someone who’d betray them for someone else. I hope he’s okay though. And I hope he can get over her and find someone who deserves his love.

  11. See how much he loves her, i guess, he’s gonna forgive her, giving her another chance.. Like.. Just another chance after another chance… Maaaaannn, i want him as my hubby but it’s such a pressure to be loved that much tho. Of course cheating is a big no. I hope he leaves her. Even he accepts her back, it’s not like she will change anytime soon. Sometimes, cheating is just a habit and that’s bad.

  12. perhaps he did see it coming, doesn’t mean he deserved it,
    he had done a lot of things for her and she doesn’t, that can be the sign that he needs to move her heart more than before and he freaking tried,
    so he didn’t do anything wrong,
    he tried but the one that failed the marriage is li xiaolu

  13. The guy sounds amazing. If he wasn’t her type, she could’ve filed for divorce, why cheat? The man deserves so much better and he definitely didn’t having it coming.

  14. Sigh. Just because a man does things for you doesn’t mean you can love him. The husband sounds like a typical kdrama second lead beta type male who’s trying too hard. In some cases, that kind of devotion can be stifling. Maybe she wants and is attracted to alpha type, dominant males. In that case, she shouldn’t have married him.

    Although after a public proposal, and the Asian culture of “saving face”, perhaps she couldn’t turn him down? And if she found that she couldn’t respect him and the marriage, maybe she should have broken up and left? Anyway it’s harder to leave a marriage when there are kids involved. I actually feel sorry for both of them. I’ve seen marriages where the partner puts up with a cheating spouse rather than breakup the stability of the home, as long as the cheating spouse is discreet. But that’s a sad situation, really.

    • And how would making a spectacle out of her marriage, embarrassing her husband affect her child. And korean dramas are not accurate representation of reality. Asian culture actually is more about dominant role of husbands. Most guys would not do half as much as her husband, in fact its rarity. So even if she wasn’t happy, its rotten what she did to her husband and family. Its her husband’s call now whether to forgive and move on or end things.

    • I agree with you. While reading the comments it looks like a woman should accept any man who does things for her. By the way, public proposal is a way to psychologically force the person to accept, it’s not something romantic at all. And it’s not a trade like you do the chores and I will love you.
      Also we don’t know those people personally, you don’t know what happened between them, maybe that guy looks perfect in appearance but is a total jerk at home, maybe she wanted to leave but he refused, maybe she is just a selfish woman, who knows. Nobody knows. And yes, it happens very often that couple stay together despite cheating and hide everything. Damn, people judge so easily here.

      • nah, it’s not about accepting him cause he done a lot but have the guts to say no if you aren’t into it or stay faithful cause you accepted his proposa l

        She done nothing to him, nor rejected him and then cheat behinds her backs. .

      • He did a lot for her. If she felt it still isn’t what she wants, then she could say so before marrying him or at least could be decent enough to file for legal separation if she regretted it post marriage. She agreed, she is an adult, she agreed, she had a child with this man and then cheated. Sorry, very hard to sympathize with the ones who cheat. Unless of course he was controlling or abusive in any way, which isn’t the case either. Marrying because of public pressure is silly given she ended up cheating anyway.

      • @Orla
        That’s my point exactly. We don’t know them at all. In marriage there are always so many factors to consider than the obvious. And I’m sorry, if a guy sounds to good to be true, then in most cases, he most likely is. My red flags went up as soon as I read the scenario, public proposal, does ALL the chores, carries his wife etc. He might be a man very concerned with painting the perfect picture in outward appearances while being a jerk at home, she may have tried to leave but couldn’t. Or he could be a genuinely sweet guy who loves his wife and she a selfish jade… the truth is unless you are personally close to a couple, you never really know about people’s marriages.

  15. There has been so much media coverage on this for the past while, I hope it dies down soon. Jia has already gone through so much and he deserves some peace and quiet.

    The parties involved will sort it out themselves but I think she really doesn’t deserve him after all that he’s done for her. Sigh

  16. Sad but if this were turned around and he was the cheater and she forgave him everyone would understand her. So why can’t we understand him? Sometimes love is blind.

  17. Well, how lucky this lady is to have a husband like him except she never loved him. That is the picture I’m getting from all the reports. This man will hold on for the sake of their young daughter until she is old enough to take her parents separation (that’s my guess). A very public proposal, wedding and child birth will eventually only lead to a public humiliation. Anyone who is married knows marriage is lifetime work from both sides. Happily ever after only happens in fantasy land of dramas and films.

  18. I have never known Jia Nai Liang before .. know a bit about Li Xiao Lu since she’s definitely very famous but then got interested to know about them after reading this entry …. seriously Jia Nai Liang is much hotter than PG One .. I don’t know what Li Xiao Lu sees in PG One .. her husband is such a loyal husband who loves her unconditionally … she is such a blind wife for not acknowledging everything that her husband has done for her. oh gosh …it feels like I’m watching a Kdrama when I read about this. I hope that this guy would finally divorce his wife and find someone else who would treat him better .. find someone who would love him unconditionally like how he loves his wife now ..

  19. +1, that’s what I was gonna say. It’s a shotgun marriage. But all other comments seemed to ignore this key fact. The actor must have proposed in public to her when she’s about 2-month pregnant already unless their daughter was born preterm. It’s not necessarily like other ppl’s guessing that she picked someone whom she’s not attracted to but her parents preferred instead. But then, I’d wonder why she would have slept with the man if she had not been attracted to him in the first place.

    • Oh yes, sadly shotgun marriages do not usually end up happily since they marry only because the girl is pregnant. Ok, that truly speaks volumes. But I must say that women and men should reserve themselves for the ones they truly love instead of just having sex with anyone who crosses their path. But anyways, truly hope Jia Nailiang divorces her and moves on since he deserves someone way better who will love and treasure him.

  20. no matter what cheating is not justified, turn him down b4 going any further instead of starting a family together and breaking your vows. I feel for the husband. If I was her I’d never let such a loving man go. in this day and age are such men common?

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