Fans Mourn Jeon Tae Soo with His Most Recent Instagram Posts Showing Him Bright and Healthy

I can’t imagine what the Jeon family is going through and wish so much this news turned out to be a misreport. The exact cause of death of Jeon Tae Soo after being found deceased in his apartment will likely not be revealed to the public at the behest of the family, who have asked for the media and netizens to not speculate. I like to remember this young man for his mark on K-ent, the dramas he did and of course the fans he had. He didn’t act since 2013 but was active on Instagram and that’s where his fans kept up with his. His most recent posts were one of him with a sunlit background, and one where he posted of the marina saying he would be right back. Other recent posts show him with a towel around his neck likely from working out. His famous older sister Ha Ji Won has cancelled all her scheduled events and the family asks for space to grieve privately, with the funeral to be a closed to the public affair.


Fans Mourn Jeon Tae Soo with His Most Recent Instagram Posts Showing Him Bright and Healthy — 14 Comments

  1. I read somewhere he had posted a pic of him slitting his wrist and then deleted it. Some saw it though and had been leaving comments on ha jiwon’s posts to call him. Idk if this is true tho.

    Regardless, rest in peace and strength to Ha Ji won & her family. She lost her father recently. And ha jiwon struggles with depression too. I remember reading her parents had to dismantle her door during that time. I hope she’s strong in all of this.

    • Really sad to read quite a number of SK actors suffering depression. It’s a tough time for Ha Ji Won and family but I hope, they can still muster the strength at this rough time.

      R.I.P to her brother and hope those suffering could see that there’s always the light at the end of the tunnel.

    • is that true the dismantling thing you are saying? simple asking coz m truly shocked how life has taken wrong turn all of a sudden.

      • That was in the past. Her parents did it to be assured that she wouldn’t do something dangerous. She has openly stated of being in a slump during “secret garden” and receiving psychiatric help after sector 7 (if I’m remembering correctly). Her fans have also said she was in a bad phase during the investment scandal that happened too.

      • It is saddening because after a long time i could see her cheerful especially after loss of her father.
        poor soul, cant even imagine what she must be going through.
        I think south korea must make some counselling sessions so that actors dont suffer from trauma and depression and ultimately resorting to suicide… !
        rest in peace Jeon Tae soo.. u were strong who was bearing everything until now ! sugo isoyo .

  2. That’s the thing with depression. One moment you’re just smiling, mind filled with joy and hope, sharing positive news/images on SNS and the next you see no other option but death to your situation.
    Fighting to all battling with this disease.

    • True…or one could also be smiling just to hide those scars but they are really struggling deep inside and they don’t know how to ask for help.

  3. I am so sorry this happened. I wonder, at times like this, why S. Koreans and other film industry insiders and fans, let these young people be treated in unfair and many times both physically and mentally abusive ways by these management companies, who get ahold of these young stars, at an early age and drive them into depression. Every aspect of their lives, is under way to much control by management agencies and their sometimes viscous obcessive fans. These stars parents turn their children over to these companies and give up many rights as parents when they do. These young people work hard and help support their families. Is it any wonder they feel burdened. Just my opinion. Why don’t we not speculate and just let him pass quietly into the night.

    • He was 34 and an actor not a kpop star. Actors are not controlled by agencies like how kpop stars are being controlled. However for not so established actors, they have to audition or compete for every role. Imagine the rejection they feel for every failed audition. It can be emotionally daunting and mentally overwhelming anyone could imagine. It’s tough. Even at times well-established still have to go through that competition from time to time. It could be more tough for not so established actors.

  4. Also, the fact that most of actors and idols are not publicly allowed romantic relationships, is the strangest thing on earth. There is so much love, kindness and support one can have on those experience. I would hate to have to pretend and hide from media and fans. They are hunted literally by media. How abnormal!

  5. Surprised to read the HJW was in depression during ‘secret garden’ . I thought that period , esp after airing of drama was great and fantastic for her career.

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